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«I'm sure you know how we Duloks love to torture Ewoks. Well, your torture will be the most exquisite of all: babysitting the Dulok brats.»
―Gorneesh, to Latara[src]

King Gorneesh and Queen Urgah, monarchs of a tribe of Duloks on the Forest Moon of Endor, had several cubs, one of whom was a toddler in 3 ABY. The male pup already showed characteristics typical of the Dulok species that year, such as green fur, and on at least one occasion, he wore the red shells of some creature as shoulder pauldrons. When the combined mischief of he and his siblings proved too much for his mother, Urgah demanded that Gorneesh find a babysitter for the tykes. The Dulok King hatched a plan that eventually brought the female Ewok Latara to the Dulok Swamp as a slave tasked with minding the three cubs. Nevertheless, while the pups watched a performance of a group of itinerate performers known as the Travelling Jindas, Latara's friends rescued her.


«…miserable, monstrous, misbehaving brats! I can't stand it anymore! If I don't get a babysitter, you don't get any supper!»
«Hmm. Don't worry, my dear. I've just had an evil inspiration.
―Urgah's ultimatum gives Gorneesh an idea[src]

The Dulok Prince tested his mother's patience by biting her tail.

As one of the children of the Dulok King Gorneesh and his wife, Queen Urgah, a shell-wearing, male Dulok cub had at least two siblings, one of whom was a girl who wore a pink shoulder wrap,[1][2] and one of whom wore no clothing. They lived in the home of their parents in the Dulok Swamp, an area of the Forest Moon of Endor dominated by members of Gorneesh's tribe of Duloks.[1] The Dulok Prince was born at some point before 3 ABY, a year in which he was a toddler.[1][4]

One day that year, the Dulok cub joined his siblings in harassing Urgah while she attempted to wash clothes in the family hut. While his siblings pulled on the matriarch's hair and chomped on her knee, the Prince grabbed his mother's tail and bit down. The combined assault prompted Urgah to provide an ultimatum to her husband: either he would find a babysitter for the youngsters, or he would go supperless. Unfazed, Gorneesh dispatched two of his guards to travel to Bright Tree Village, home to a group of Ewoks, to find a caretaker for the children. The scouts eventually returned to the swamp with a trussed up female Ewok named Latara in their clutches. As Gorneesh divulged the Ewok's torturous fate—to babysit the Dulok cubs—the toddlers scrambled into the hut and pounced on the newcomer, initiating a furious play-brawl.[1]

As evening approached, a group of wandering entertainers known as the Travelling Jindas arrived in the Dulok swamp and were granted permission to perform. The trio of young Duloks dragged their babysitter to the show, which compelled them to sit still as they watched the performances. Nevertheless, the Prince and his siblings laughed along with the rest of the tribe as audience members hurled pieces of fruit at the stage in an effort to disturb the proceedings. Still, the act put on by the Jinda magician Trebla entranced the Dulok toddlers; when their babysitter was called onto the stage to assist the conjurer, the pups could only watch passively as Latara's friends—the Ewoks Paploo, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo, and Wicket W. Warrick, all disguised as Jindas—rescued her from slavery to Gorneesh and Urgah.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Only a performance of the Travelling Jindas could calm the Dulok child down.

«Watch it! Get away, little bark eaters! Oh, kvark.'»
―Latara, upon being tackled by Gorneesh and Urgah's children[src]

Gorneesh and Urgah's son was a mischievous creature who had little compunction about misbehavior; in fact, his mischief was so severe that his parents likened watching him to torture. In one instance, the Prince joined two of his siblings in terrorizing his mother, Urgah; the pup laughed maniacally while pulling Urgah's tail and then biting down on it. In another example, the Dulok cub eagerly tackled his Ewok babysitter, Latara, embroiling her in a fracas on the floor of Gorneesh's domicile. Nevertheless, the boy was entranced by the show put on by the Travelling Jindas.[5]

A mere child in 3 ABY,[1][4] the pup already had developed physical features characteristic of his species, including green fur, brown eyebrows, a brown nose, and gray skin. The child had white eyes.[1] As a toddler, he stood only knee-high to a typical 1.35-meter-tall adult Dulok.[1][3] While under the care of the Ewok Latara, the cub wore a pair of red shells as shoulder pauldrons, much like those worn by his father, Gorneesh. The child also sported a yellow stripe that ran from his bottom lip, across his chin, and onto his chest. At the time, the cub had two incisors growing from the top of his mouth, but only a single canine tooth from his lower jaw.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gorneesh and Urgah's son appears as one of three such toddlers in The Travelling Jindas, an episode from the first season of the Ewoks cartoon series that was written by Bob Carrau and directed by Raymond Jafelice.[1] The episode originally aired on October 5, 1985;[6] it was later included as part of the straight-to-DVD feature film Tales from the Endor Woods in 2004.[5] As established in Ewoks 13, a comic book published by Marvel Comics in May 1987, Gorneesh and Urgah had a son named Boogutt.[7] However, as the Dulok from The Travelling Jindas goes unnamed in the episode, identifying him as Boogutt is impossible.[1]



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