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«…miserable, monstrous, misbehaving brats! I can't stand it anymore! If I don't get a babysitter, you don't get any supper!»
«Hmm. Don't worry, my dear. I've just had an evil inspiration.
―Urgah's ultimatum gives Gorneesh an idea[src]

Despite her royal pedigree, the daughter of King Gorneesh and Queen Urgah—rulers of a tribe of Duloks who lived in a swamp on the Forest Moon of Endor—was a troublemaker. The Princess joined her two siblings in harassing their mother to the point that the Queen ordered her husband to find a babysitter. Accordingly, Gorneesh had the female Ewok Latara captured to watch the three children. When a group of entertainers known as the Travelling Jindas arrived to play for the village, the Dulok pups were in attendance; thus, they witnessed Latara's friends rescue her from Gorneesh and Urgah's clutches. During the events, which occurred in 3 ABY, the Dulok was a toddler and wore a pink shawl similar to that worn by Urgah. She had already developed physical features consistent with those of her species, such as green fur.


«Watch it! Get away, little bark eaters! Oh, kvark.'»
―Latara, upon being tackled by Gorneesh and Urgah's children[src]

The Dulok Princess's mischief drove Queen Urgah to demand a babysitter.

Born to parents Gorneesh and Urgah, respectively the king and queen of a tribe of Duloks on the Forest Moon of Endor, the female[1][2] Dulok child was a mere toddler in 3 ABY. One day in that year,[1][4] the child, wearing a light-pink shawl, joined her brother[1][2] and another sibling as they terrorized their mother while the Queen tried to do chores in the royal hut in the Dulok Swamp. For her part in the mischief, the Princeess grasped Urgah's left leg and gnawed on her knee. With children still attached, Urgah ordered her husband to find a babysitter, lest he go hungry at suppertime.[1]

The King sent out a pair of guards to nab an Ewok from Bright Tree Village, a settlement in the forest nearby. The scouts later came back with a young, gray-furred Ewok named Latara, tied up and ready to be put to work. Gorneesh initiated what he considered her "torture" by introducing her to the trio of Dulok cubs. The shawl-wearing toddler joined her siblings in welcoming their new babysitter with a body slam and floor wrestling match.[1]

That evening the Dulok Princess and her two siblings dragged Latara to the front row of a performance by the Travelling Jindas, a band of wandering performers who had arrived in the swamp that day. The pups stood relatively still for the show, although they did join their peers in heckling certain acts. When Trebla, a Jinda magician, appeared, the shawl-wearing child was left with her parents and siblings as the performer pulled Latara onto the stage to be his assistant. The Ewok was then spirited away as the Jindas rapidly packed up and left the swamp; indeed, Latara's friends—the Ewoks Paploo, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo, and Wicket W. Warrick, all in Jinda costumes—had organized the show as a cover to save their friend from child-watching slavery.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The Dulok child and her siblings joined their fellows in jeering the Jindas' performance.

«I'm sure you know how we Duloks love to torture Ewoks. Well, your torture will be the most exquisite of all: babysitting the Dulok brats.»
―Gorneesh, to Latara[src]

As a toddler in 3 ABY,[1][4] Gorneesh and Urgah's daughter was shorter than the typical Dulok's height of 1.35 meters; she stood only knee-high to most adult members of the species.[1][3] Nevertheless, the cub sported the gray skin, brown eyebrows, brown nose, and green fur typical among Duloks. She also sported white eyes.[1] At the time that Urgah demanded a babysitter for the child, the Princess wore a light-pink shawl not unlike the one worn by the family matriarch. The Dulok toddler also sported a golden hairband. She had only two prominent teeth, both canines that poked upward from her lower jaw.[1]

Like the rest of the brood, the Dulok Princess was rambunctious and disobedient such that having to care for her was considered a form of torture. In one instance, the child clung to Urgah's leg and bit her knee, all the while laughing sinisterly. When the child's parents enlisted the Ewok Latara to babysit her, the pup joined her siblings in tackling the new arrival and pummeling her on the ground of Gorneesh and Urgah's dwelling. Later, however, the toddler attentively watched a performance by the Travelling Jindas.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Travelling Jindas, a first-season episode of the animated television series Ewoks, introduced the Dulok Princess when it was first aired on October 5, 1985.[6] The episode, directed by Raymond Jafelice and written by Bob Carrau,[1] later became part of the DVD feature film Tales from the Endor Woods, first released in 2004.[5]



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