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«Watch it! Get away, little bark eaters! Oh, kvark.'»
―Latara, upon being tackled by Gorneesh and Urgah's children[src]

In 3 ABY, the combined misbehavior of a Dulok cub and the child's brother and sister proved so intolerable that Urgah, the child's mother and the queen of a tribe of Duloks who lived in the swamp on the Forest Moon of Endor, demanded that her husband, King Gorneesh, find a babysitter. The King sent out scouts, who kidnapped the female Ewok Latara to take care of the Dulok cubs. The Ewok's stewardship of the three siblings proved short, however; while the toddlers joined their village as they watched a group of visiting performers known as the Travelling Jindas, Latara's friends rescued her from her duty over the three youngsters. Unlike Gorneesh's other children, the Dulok pup went about without any body covering save a typical coat of green Dulok fur.


«I'm sure you know how we Duloks love to torture Ewoks. Well, your torture will be the most exquisite of all: babysitting the Dulok brats.»
―Gorneesh, to Latara[src]

The Dulok child joined two other toddlers in driving their mother to demand a babysitter.

Urgah, queen of a tribe of Duloks who lived in a swamp on the Forest Moon of Endor, bore at least three cubs[1] by 3 ABY,[1][3] children sired by her husband, King Gorneesh. That year, the three pups were toddlers; although one male and one female child went about with some clothing, the third was unadorned.[1][4]

In 3 ABY, the naked Dulok child joined the other two toddlers in harassing their mother while she attempted to do laundry in the family hut; the unclothed Dulok stood atop the matriarch's shoulders and pulled furiously at her hair. The experience drove Urgah to threaten Gorneesh: either find a babysitter for the children or go hungry. The King accordingly enlisted two guards to kidnap a caregiver from nearby Bright Tree Village, a settlement of Ewoks. The pair returned with a gray-furred female Ewok named Latara, a newcomer whom Gorneesh considered a slave fit for the torture of watching the children. The three Dulok pups greeted their new babysitter by embroiling her in an impromptu wrestling match.[1]

The new babysitting arrangement did not last long, however: Latara's friends—the Ewoks Paploo, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo, and Wicket W. Warrick—infiltrated the Dulok village by disguising themselves and joining the Travelling Jindas, a group of wandering entertainers who were admitted into the Dulok swamp to put on a show. After the three Dulok cubs dragged Latara to the front row, the toddlers joined their fellow Duloks in lampooning the performers. However, the Jinda magician Trebla pulled Latara onto the stage to serve as his assistant, leaving the children with their parents. Although the Ewok interlopers inadvertently revealed their presence during the performance, the Jindas managed to abscond with Latara in tow.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The Dulok child roughhoused with the other children, much to their babysitter's annoyance.

«…miserable, monstrous, misbehaving brats! I can't stand it anymore! If I don't get a babysitter, you don't get any supper!»
«Hmm. Don't worry, my dear. I've just had an evil inspiration.
―Urgah's ultimatum regarding her children gives Gorneesh an idea[src]

Urgah and Gorneesh's child resembled other members of the Dulok species in that the pup had brown eyebrows, green fur, a brown nose, and gray skin.[1] As a young child in 3 ABY,[1][3] however, the Dulok only stood knee-high to a typical Dulok of 1.35 meters.[1][2] The toddler's eyes were white. When Urgah demanded a babysitter for the child, the pup only had one visible tooth, a bottom canine.[1]

The child's demeanor betrayed the cub's penchant for mischief and misbehavior. Indeed, older Duloks felt that watching the pup was like torture; in the incident that prompted Urgah to demand a babysitter, for instance, the youngster was perched atop the Queen's shoulders, yanking on her topknot and cackling. When the babysitter Latara showed up at the Dulok Swamp at a later occasion, the toddler joined a sister and a brother in attacking her in what devolved into a four-way wrestling match. Only a visit by the Travelling Jindas calmed the cub down.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Writer Bob Carrau and director Raymond Jafelice featured Gorneesh and Urgah's child[1] in the October 5, 1985,[6] episode of the Ewoks cartoon series, The Travelling Jindas.[1] In 2004, the Dulok siblings were included in the DVD release Tales from the Endor Woods, which edits their episode together with three others into a feature-length film.[5] Although the comic book Ewoks 13, published in May 1987 by Marvel Comics, includes a child of Gorneesh and Urgah named Prince Boogutt, any correlation between the children from the animated series and the comic book remains unclear.[7]



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