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«There are the Zhug "brothers," of course - cast from Duros for attempting to wipe out a rival family of politically-set Duros.»
―Vossk, to the Jedi Exile[1]

A Duros family lived on the planet Duro during time of the Dark Wars. These Duros were a politically connected family, unlike their rivals—a bounty hunter group known as the Zhug brothers—who were cast out from Duro after their violent, failed attempt to take out this family.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

This family was introduced in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords—a video game released by Obsidian Entertainment in 2004—as a quick mention during the conversation between Trandoshan bounty hunter Vossk, and the main character of the game, the Jedi Exile.[1]


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