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"You shift your shiny silver backside now, I got a schedule."
―The loadmaster tries to make Darman move[src]

A Duros loadmaster served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. In the year 22 BBY the loadmaster was deployed to the planet Geonosis, where following the first battle of the Clone Wars the Duros organized the shuttling of the surviving clone troopers off-world. At one stage the loadmaster attempted to order RC-1136, a clone commando nicknamed Darman, to board a shuttle while the clone searched for his missing squadmates. The commando placed his sheathed Knuckle plate vibro blade under the loadmaster's chin causing the Duros to leave him alone until there was only one shuttle remaining. The loadmaster then informed Darman that there was no one else coming at which stage the commando boarded the shuttle with the loadmaster, which took them to the Acclamator-class assault ship Implacable. The loadmaster was heavily wrinkled and was short in terms of both height and temper.[1]

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The loadmaster first appeared in Republic Commando: Hard Contact a 2004 novel written by Karen Traviss. The book did not clarify the Duros's gender.


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