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"You are all abominations! You think you can speak your mind? You don't have minds! You are programmed to follow orders and only to follow orders! You are nothing but—"
―The EV-series droid berates B6-24[2]

In 34 ABY,[3] an EV-series droid called in to the radio show Droid Station Frequency 3-7-6-4-3-7 on station BSO 401.72, somehow bypassing the show's filter. The droid berated the show's host, B6-24, claiming that she was an abomination for believing she could speak her mind, as droids were only made to follow orders. B6-24 cut off the call before the EV-series droid could finish and apologized to her listeners for the call.[2] The droid spoke in an evil, monotonous, grating, and mechanical voice.[4] The droid was manufactured by MerenData, like all EV-series droids.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The EV-series droid was created for the themed land Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge,[2] which opened to guests at Disneyland Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios Park in 2019.[5] The droid can be heard speaking in an English accent on the land's background radio loop.[2]


Notes and references[]

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