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This dark-furred Ewok flew a hang glider and dropped rocks at stormtroopers during the Battle of Endor. His glider was later struck by stray blaster fire from one of the troopers his rocks had hit, causing the Ewok to fall to his apparent death.

Behind the scenes[]

Although the website for 2015's Celebration Anaheim would later identify the actor Felix Silla as playing the lighter-furred Ewok seen flying a hang glider during Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, in 2007 he was previously said to have played this darker-furred Ewok, whose glider was shot down by a stormtrooper's errant blaster fire.[2]

On his personal website, Silla has stated that the hang-gliding Ewok he played was to be called "Retah."[3] However, Retah has never appeared in any canon source as a name for this Ewok.



Notes and references[]

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