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"I never paid much attention to history--I was more concerned with the future."
―The First Order stormtrooper sergeant[src]

A human male sergeant served the autocratic military junta, the First Order as a stormtrooper and military officer of the 709th Legion, also known as the "Red Fury". His most notable feature was a long scar around his left eye, with a blue prosthetic in place of where his eye should be. During the conflict with the private military force, the Resistance, the sergeant—whose legion deployed to the planet Batuu—accompanied First Order Lieutenant Agnon and several troopers aboard a TIE echelon to Black Spire Outpost. He later paid a visit to Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities, and found a lightsaber purported to have belonged to the late Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. He then attempted to threaten the Ithorian proprietor, Dok-Ondar, into supplying him with the weapon so that he could ensure it would not fall into Resistance hands. Unbeknownst to them, they were being watched via a cam droid by the notorious Kendoh Gang.

The sergeant later left Batuu for a meeting with Lieutenant Agnon but then he had to immediately return after his stormtroopers called for backup against suspected Resistance agents. The sergeant arrived and took out the two suspected Resistance agents on a 125-Z treadspeeder bike. After killing them, he deduced they were not actually affiliated with the Resistance and considered it a waste of time. He then reprimanded his stormtrooper forces for not putting up a better fight.

He then received an urgent message citing three individuals with death marks issued by the First Order being spotted near the spaceport. With that the sergeant and the squad departed from the spaceport, citing that nothing there required their presence. Unbeknownst to the sergeant, however, a Resistance agent had overheard his statement.

The sergeant eventually tracked down the criminal Kendoh Voss and her gang and cornered them at Dok-Odnar's shop, and promptly had one of his stormtroopers, RS-2112, smack Voss's Aqualish associate Wooro with his baton as a form of intimidation towards Voss. However, he was ultimately forced to let them escape after Voss proceeded to destroy the containment field of a baby sarlacc named Simpi, which resulted in the demise of another stormtrooper ZJ-7199. He and the other stormtroopers chased Voss outside but ultimately lost sight of her in the large crowd.


Over Black Spire Outpost[]

"There are Resistance scum hiding somewhere out here on Batuu and the Red Fury will burn down this entire rat's nest to smoke them out, Lieutenant Agnon!"
―The sergeant to Lieutenant Agnon[src]

The sergeant and Lieutenant Agnon discussing Resistance activity from the assault shuttle

In 34 ABY[3] at Black Spire Outpost[2] on the Outer Rim[4] planet Batuu,[2] a First Order assault shuttle roared above the outpost. In the assault shuttle, the First Order stormtrooper sergeant looked down at all the individuals at Black Spire Outpost below[2] him[1] and referred to them as "Batuuan Rats." He believed that there were members of the Resistance,[2] a paramilitary force,[5] hiding on the planet and it was the task of the elite stormtrooper legion, 709th Legion "Red Fury" to snuff them out. The sergeant was willing to burn all of Batuu in order to locate the Resistance members. Standing next to him, Lieutenant Agnon accepted nothing less from the sergeant, stating that Batuu would never be the same when the First Order was done with it.[2]

Paying Dok-Ondar a visit[]

"Consider this a friendly warning to report any contact with the Resistance. It would be a pity...if all your rare relics were reclassified as contraband and ordered destroyed."
―The stormtrooper sergeant to Dok-Ondar[src]

The sergeant igniting Ki-Adi-Mundi's lightsaber

At the antiquities store of Ithorian collector Dok-Ondar, the stormtrooper sergeant held the lightsaber, used by the late Cerean Jedi Master, Ki-Adi-Mundi. During their encounter he removed his helmet, revealing his scared face and his prosthetic left eye. The sergeant tried to remember who Mundi was, asking if he was the Jedi with the pointed head. The sergeant had never paid much attention to history, as he was more concerned with the future. He activated the blue bladed lightsaber and asked Ondar if he believed in the future. When Ondar replied in Ithorese, the sergeant lashed out at him, not knowing how to speak the language. Ondar's translator, Tohago, translated the Ithorese into Basic for the sergeant.[1]

Tohago told the sergeant that Ondar said that he did not have to threaten him because the Ithorian was just a humble store owner with only respect for the First Order. The sergeant did not believe what Ondar had said, replying that his store is known across the galaxy for its ancient relics. He deactivated the lightsaber and placed the weapon down, telling Ondar that his store was the perfect location for Resistance spies. As the sergeant continued lecturing Ondar about a the future,[1] a video droid secretly placed there by the Clawdite Remex Io[2] was being monitored and watched by Io, and his fellow partners in crime, Wooro, and Kendoh Voss from their starship. Io changed his form into the sergeant to move the gang's heist of Ondar's store forward.[1]

Placing his helmet back on, the sergeant warned Ondar that it was his duty to report any Resistance activity to the First Order, or else the Order would confiscate and destroy all his relics. Ondar understood that the sergeant had no appreciation for the past but told him the story of how the Ithorian came into possession of Ki-Adi-Mundi's lightsaber.[1]

After finishing the story, the sergeant was angry that Ondar wasted his time. Ondar told him to take a deeper look into the lightsaber. He explained that the lightsaber had survived the falls of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire, and it would in turn survive the First Order. He continued, telling the sergeant that his grip on Black Spire Outpost was weak and to never come into his store and threaten him. Before the sergeant could lash back at Ondar, one of his stormtroopers reported a disturbance in the market that could be tied to the Resistance. The sergeant sarcastically wished Ondar a good day and promised to see him again soon.[1]

To the rescue[]

"Don't worry. I had no intention of taking you in alive."
―The sergeant to the operatives[src]

A Resistance soldier escapes the First Order stormtroopers.

Above Batuu, the stormtrooper sergeant attended a briefing from Lieutenant Agnon but was called back to the planet when two suspected Resistance operatives attacked a group of stormtroopers. The sergeant took an assault shuttle to the surface of the planet and joined the firefight on a 125-Z treadspeeder bike. He was not impressed that the stormtroopers could not handle the two operatives. The sergeant drove at the operatives on his speeder bike and quickly took both of them out. He realized that this incursion was useless as the operatives were not members of the Resistance. An incoming message informed the sergeant that the First Order had received a tip that three fugitives with death marks from General Armitage Hux were located near the spaceport. He then ordered his troopers to move out as a Resistance operative fled the scene unnoticed.[6]

Shortly after, the bounty hunter Kendoh Voss and her gang had confronted Dok Ondar at his antique store to begin a heist. Before they could begin, her partner Remex Io reported that there was an emergency. He told her that the sergeant and the Red Fury had tracked them down and were just outside the store, getting ready to confront them.[6]

Final confrontation[]

"Somewhere on this miserable planet, Resistance vermin are scurrying from hiding hole to hiding hole. We are here to burn them out by any means necessary."
―The stormtrooper sergeant to Kendoh Voss[src]

The stormtrooper sergeant smacks Voss with the bottom of his blaster.

The sergeant reminded Ondar of the punishments that would take place for associating himself with individuals like Voss. He then turned to Voss and went over her past missions, flattering her. Ondar warned her not to antagonize the sergeant but the sergeant instead lashed out at Ondar for speaking in Ithorese. To show Voss the gravity of the situation she was in, he ordered one of his stormtroopers, RS-2112, to strike Wooro with a Z6 riot control baton. The Aqualish was knocked back by the blow and Voss began to threaten the sergeant. But the sergeant interrupted her and noted her loyalty to her crew. He told her to stand down because he was only keeping the two alive for answers.[7]

The sergeant told them about the First Order's goal of conquering the galaxy and destroying the Resistance. He warned them that the Order would do whatever it took to find the Resistance operatives. The stormtrooper sergeant was also suspicious of the Kenoh Gang's arrival to Batuu and suggested that they could be affiliated with the Resistance. Voss threw another sarcastic comment at the sergeant which caused him smack Voss with the end of his blaster making her bleed.[7]

After Ondar finished telling Voss about the ending to his mission to Moraband, the sergeant asked Voss why she was on Batuu. She told him about the heist and admitted that the heist had gone wrong but she would improvise. She then lept across the store and grabbed the box containing the hilt of the Sword of Khashyun as the sergeant ordered his soldiers to shoot them down. Voss grabbed Ki-Adi-Mundi's lightsaber as the sergeant and the stormtroopers surrounded her. The sergeant believed that Voss didn't stand a chance against them. She then activated the lightsaber and freed Ondar's young sarlacc Simpi. The sarlacc attacked the stormtroopers, killing ZJ-7199 and causing the sergeant to order his troopers to retreat and chase Voss out the store. The sergeant and another trooper lost Voss in the crowd of people and he ordered a perimeter to be set up.[7]

Personality and traits[]

"I can't speak blasted Ithorian!"
―The sergeant shouting at Dok-Ondar[src]

The sergeant lashing out at Dok-Ondar

The stormtrooper sergeant was a human[1] like the rest of the First Order stormtrooper corps.[8] He had blonde hair and a pale skin tone. He also had a brown right eye and a blue cybernetic left eye.[1] The sergeant was fiercely loyal to the First Order and was willing to do whatever it took to remove the Resistance presence on Batuu.[7] He had strong confidence in himself and was angry when the stormtroopers under his command failed to complete their tasks.[6] He often lashed out and used brute force when individuals would go against him or annoy him intentionally.[7]


The sergeant equipped himself with a F-11D blaster rifle,[1] which was standard issue for stormtroopers of the First Order.[9] He wore standard white First Order stormtrooper armor but he also wore a black pauldron on his shoulder to represent his rank in the First Order military.[1] The stormtrooper sergeant also rode a 125-Z treadspeeder bike when fighting suspected members of the Resistance.[6]

Skills and abilities[]

The stormtrooper sergeant demonstrated great skill on a 125-Z treadspeeder bike, as he was able to take out suspected Resistance operatives with relative ease.[6] The stormtrooper also prepared for battle ahead of time as he read up on the file of Voss. With a blaster rifle, the stormtrooper was very dangerous as he knocked Voss in the jaw with the back of his blaster rifle,[7] and he took out the suspected Resistance operatives with ease while riding on the treadspeeder bike.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

The sergeant first appeared in the first issue of the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge comic series written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Will Sliney, and published by Marvel Comics[2] on April 24, 2019.[10]



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