This unidentified leader of the Golden Destiny attended the Testament Day Pantheon's Peace at the capitol building in Tahv, the capital of the Lost Tribe of Sith, in 3000 BBY. He disagreed with the Korsinite League's leader Korsin Bentado's view that the Tribe should adhere to the political structure outlined in the testament of the Tribe's founder Yaru Korsin. Instead, he argued that Korsin had been a great conqueror and that the ancestors of the Tribe had been a "powerful people." While the Tribe had not intended to come to the planet Kesh, they had subdued the native Keshiri instantly. This leader than urged the Tribe to end the Time of the Rot, reopen the Sith Temple, and to return to the stars.

The Golden Destiny leader's comments sparked another round of arguments among the Sith leaders. Later, the Tribe's Caretaker Varner Hilts discovered that Korsin's testament had been recorded over an older holographic transmission. This transmission turned out to be a message from the Sith Lord Naga Sadow ordering Captain Yaru Korsin to deliver Lignan ores to his forces on Kirrek during the Great Hyperspace War. The resulting transmission discredited the Golden Destiny's beliefs that the Tribe's ancestors had been a "powerful people" that ruled the galaxy. These revelations sparked a series of violent riots known as the Great Crisis which devastated large areas of Keshtah Minor.


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