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"No, Shmorg, I've got it."
―The Gran offers to buy drinks, as opposed to Shmorg[src]

A male Gran operated as a bounty hunter during the year 5 ABY. Hired by the Dark Jedi Jerec, he, along with numerous other Gran bounty hunters and Grave Tuskens, was tasked with guarding the city of Barons Hed, located on the moon Sulon. At some point during their occupation, the Gran, along with four others, headed to a local cantina for refreshments. A Gran named Shmorg offered to pick up the drink tab, but the Gran decided that he wanted to pay the bill instead. The posse argued over who was going to pay for the drinks, resulting in an unarmed brawl. All of the Gran were killed by the New Republic agent Kyle Katarn when he walked into the bar, which prompted the Gran to attack the fledgling Jedi. However, all of the Gran were killed by Katarn.


"I wish you wouldn't shoot paying customers."
―The bartender to Kyle Katarn, after the latter had killed the Gran and his partners[src]

A male Gran lived during the early reign of the New Republic,[2] and operated as a bounty hunter.[3] During the year 5 ABY,[1] the Gran, along with numerous other Gran bounty hunters and Grave Tuskens, were hired by the Dark Jedi Jerec to patrol the city of Barons Hed, located on the moon Sulon. At some point, the Gran grouped with four other Gran,[2] one named Shmorg,[4] and headed to a local cantina.[2] After ordering drinks from the bartender, Shmorg offered to pay the bill. The Gran countered Shmorg, and offered to pay instead. Shmorg did not take kindly to the Gran's generosity, however. An argument started, which soon engulfed the entire party. The heated exchanging of words quickly turned into an all out bare-knuckled brawl.[4] Although none of the Gran were armed, save for one Gran who had a belt of thermal detonators, the terrified bartender shouted for the violent aliens to refrain from using blasters.[2]

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As soon as the brawl began, the New Republic agent and Jedi trainee Kyle Katarn entered the scene while searching for a way into a large tower in the center of Barons Hed, known as the Government House. The Gran turned their attention to Katarn and attacked him. The attack turned fruitless, as Katarn slew the Gran. The bartender verbally noted his displeasure at Katarn for killing paying customers as the Jedi made off with the one Gran's thermal detonators.[2]

Personality and traits[]

A brawler with big hands, the Gran was generous enough to offer to pick up a bar tab so that Shmorg wouldn't have to break out his wallet. However, Shmorg did not accept the offer, and both Gran were quick to start an argument,[4] which turned into an ultimately fatal brawl.[2]

He had brown colored skin, purple eyes, and wore brown clothing.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"In any case, if Gran are stupid enough to kill each other, be smart enough to let them."
―Rick Barba on the bar brawl[src]

The unnamed Gran first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II as an enemy character who appeared during the game's fifth level. In the guide, author Rick Barba theorized that the Gran were fighting over a bar tab, and advised the player to wait out their fight until at least two Gran were killed, and that after that the player should kill the remaining Gran and pillage the bar's supplies. It is never made clear which Gran is the one represented in this article.[4] However, due to the fact that completing this encounter is not necessary for beating the game for either of its two endings, this portion of the game can be skipped completely without effect.[2]



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