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«You'll never leave here. Nar Shaddaa will be your grave!»
―The Gran threatens Kyle Katarn — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

A Gran male who worked as a bodyguard and a bounty hunter once pursued a weapons smuggler into territory controlled by the Galactic Empire, only to chance a run-in with Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn. The encounter resulted in Katarn delivering a blaster injury to the Gran's leg before taking out the smuggling operation himself. The Gran, whose wound took three months to heal, never forgot the debacle, leaving him with a taste for vengeance.

In 5 ABY, the droid information broker 8t88 hired the Gran to serve as backup during a meeting with Katarn at the Rimmer's Rest cantina on the moon Nar Shaddaa, where 8t88 planned to divulge information regarding the death of Katarn's father. However, the droid double-crossed Katarn and left the Gran and another hireling to kill him, with the Gran being particularly pleased at the prospect of a rematch. However, Katarn disarmed both hirelings before they could shoot him and then killed the Gran with his Bryar pistol.


Gran with a grudge[]

"I was a bodyguard looking for a smuggler a few years back. He was running weapons into the Imperial sector until you dumped his operation down a blackhole—and gave me a laser shot in the leg doing it."
―The Gran recounts his first encounter with Kyle Katarn — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Gran turns his blaster rifle on Kyle Katarn.

A Gran male worked as a bodyguard[3] during the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.[4] At one point, he went in search of a weapons smuggler whose operation extended into the Imperial sector. During the search, the Gran instead encountered Rebel agent Kyle Katarn and sustained a blaster injury to the leg, while Katarn dismantled the smuggling operation by himself. The Gran's wound took three months to heal, and he held onto a grudge against Katarn.[3] By 5 ABY,[1] the Gran had switched over into a career as a bounty hunter,[5] working out of the moon Nar Shaddaa.[4]

Later that same year,[1] a droid information broker named 8t88, working for the Dark Jedi Jerec, obtained a datadisc on the moon Sulon from the home of Katarn's father, Morgan, whom Jerec had murdered previously. Unable to access the disc's contents due to its encryption, 8t88 journeyed to Nar Shaddaa to force Morgan's son to decipher the disc, under the guise of meeting with Katarn to divulge the details of his father's death. In case Katarn refused to comply, 8t88 attempted to hire the bounty hunter Boba Fett to serve as a bodyguard. However, Fett declined, which forced 8t88 to find less competent backup, including the Gran and a second bounty hunter,[4] a Grave Tusken.[2]

Rematch with Katarn[]

"Remember me? It took three months for that blaster burn to heal."
"Can't say that I do, but the streets are filled with trash — and it's hard to tell one piece from another."
―The Gran and Kyle Katarn[src]

Arriving at Katarn's table inside the Rimmer's Rest cantina, 8t88 informed Katarn of Jerec's responsibility for Morgan's death as well as the Dark Jedi's plans for the rebirth of the Empire.[2] While late to the confrontation, much to 8t88's annoyance,[4] the Gran and the second bounty hunter then moved in around Katarn, leveling their blasters at him and confiscating his. The Gran warned Katarn not to move, quipping that he would look pretty funny with his head blown off.[3]

The Gran (background) reinforces 8t88 at the Rimmer's Rest cantina.

8t88 then forced the topic of the stolen datadisc on Katarn, but he refused to answer the droid's questions despite being threatened with the Gran and the Grave Tusken blasting him.[2] Seeing that Katarn would be of no help, 8t88 departed, leaving his hirelings behind to kill Katarn while offering them a hundred credits for every body part they brought back to him.[3]

Instead of immediately shooting Katarn, the Gran took the vacated seat across the table from him and asked the Rebel agent if he remembered him from their past encounter. After Katarn retorted that he did not, the Gran began lamenting his old blaster burn, which gave Katarn the opportunity to strike.[4] In one swift move, he deftly threw the Grave Tusken over his shoulder and confiscated that bounty hunter's DH-17 blaster pistol, which he pointed directly at the Gran,[2] who had dropped his own weapon in the melee.[3] Katarn then called on the Force to retrieve his own blaster, which slid into his hand,[4] much to the bewilderment of the two bounty hunters.[3]

The Gran and his partner watched as Katarn slid out from the table and began to back away. Katarn explained to them that he was going after 8t88 before mockingly adding that they should go out for lunch sometime.[4] The Gran then retrieved his E-11 blaster rifle, quickly exited the room,[6] and began running toward the main bar area.[2] However, Katarn used his Bryar pistol to shoot and kill the Gran while making his way out of the cantina and then collected the dead bounty hunter's blaster rifle. After Katarn killed a second Gran near the bar,[6] the cantina's bartender demanded that he leave.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Tell me what it is, and these gentlemen won't have to indulge their darker side."
―8t88 threatens Kyle Katarn with his hirelings — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Gran was gunned down by Katarn on Nar Shaddaa.

The Gran carried a grudge against Kyle Katarn after sustaining a long-lasting blaster injury in a prior confrontation with him.[4] During their second meeting on Nar Shaddaa years later, the Gran relished holding his nemesis at gunpoint. He took the moment to question whether Katarn remembered him, which only resulted in Katarn likening him to common street trash while providing the Rebel agent with the opportunity to make his escape.[3] The Gran cockily remarked that Nar Shaddaa would become Katarn's grave[2] before being gunned down himself only moments later.[6]

8t88 considered the Gran and his partner to be idiots for showing up late to the confrontation with Katarn,[4] though the droid granted that they had performed well enough in taking him at gunpoint, even if they were not as skilled as Boba Fett. Nonetheless, 8t88 lacked faith in the Gran's biological intelligence,[3] which he considered inferior to his own droid abilities.[4]

The Gran had beige skin and purple eyes,[2] which were bloodshot during his second confrontation with Katarn at the Rimmer's Rest cantina. He had a voice that sounded like a gravel crusher stuck in low gear[4] and could speak both an alien language[2] and Basic.[3]


"My… My blaster! I lost my blaster!"
"There it is!"
―The Gran and the Grave Tusken after being disarmed by Kyle Katarn — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The Gran armed himself with an E-11 blaster rifle during his second confrontation with Kyle Katarn on Nar Shaddaa. He also wore dark-gray fatigues around his torso as well as black pants with a dark-gray belt and dark-gray boots.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Notable appearances[]

The Gran first appeared in the 1997 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II as one of two bounty hunters who accompany 8t88 while confronting Kyle Katarn on Nar Shaddaa in the game's opening cutscene. Two actors are credited as playing the bounty-hunter characters in that cutscene: Dan Bloom and Dylan Haggerty, who are listed as "Bounty Hunter 1" and "Bounty Hunter 2," respectively.[2]

The Gran's spoken line in that cutscene, which is translated via caption as "You'll never leave here. Nar Shaddaa will be your grave!," is actually two different "wake up" sound effects that other Gran characters emit when first sighting the player-character on Nar Shaddaa. This sound effect is also repeated by other Gran characters in the Dark Forces II levels on Sulon.[2]

In addition to Dark Forces II, the Gran also appeared in the game's 1998 novella adaption Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, written by William C. Dietz, illustrated by Ezra Tucker, and published in tandem by Dark Horse Comics and Berkley Boulevard;[4] as well as the Dark Forces: Rebel Agent audio drama from author John Whitman. In accordance with 8t88's dialogue in the game, the Gran was voiced by Tom Keith in the audio drama and is credited there as "Goon 1." These stories briefly expanded on the character's backstory with Kyle Katarn.[3]


"You'll never leave here alive. Nar Shaddaa will be your grave!"
―The Gran's differing dialogue from the Dark Forces: Rebel Agent novella[src]

The scene in which the Gran confronts Kyle Katarn on Nar Shaddaa varies in detail and dialogue between the Dark Forces II video game, the Dark Forces: Rebel Agent novella, and the Dark Forces: Rebel Agent audio drama.[2][3][4] In the video game, the Gran speaks one line of dialogue before Katarn makes his escape,[2] whereas the exchange between the Gran and Katarn is significantly expanded in the two Dark Forces: Rebel Agent adaptations.[3][4] In particular, the audio drama expounds on the Gran's background history with Katarn, detailing a previous encounter they had with one another prior to meeting again on Nar Shaddaa.[3]

The confrontation between the Gran and Kyle Katarn plays out very differently between the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II video game and its Dark Forces: Rebel Agent adaptations. Here, Katarn holds the Gran at gunpoint in the video-game cutscene.

Additionally, the manner in which Katarn executes his escape from the Gran and his partner varies, with the Rebel Agent adaptations presenting a much more frantic skirmish between the bounty hunters and Katarn.[3][4] The audio drama uniquely features punching and laser-blast sound effects before the Gran loses his blaster, which Katarn then calls to his hand with the Force;[3] alternatively, the novella suggests that Katarn uses the Force to retrieve his confiscated Bryar pistol.[4] None of these details are present in the video-game cutscene, which instead shows Katarn pointing the second bounty hunter's DH-17 blaster pistol at the Gran.[2] This article attempts to reconcile and incorporate details from all three versions, while treating the Dark Forces II video game as the highest canon source.

The Gran speaks an alien language in the video game,[2] while he speaks Basic in the novella and audio drama.[3][4] This article asserts that the Gran speaks both languages, in accordance with each of these sources.

Finally, the video game presents the player with the option of killing the Gran or leaving him alive before exiting the cantina.[2] The Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II: The Official Strategy Guide, written by Rick Barba, specifically directs the player to shoot the Gran, either in the booth where the level begins or in the bar, as the Gran will be waiting to attack the player.[6]



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