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«You will never leave here. Nar Shaddaa shall be your grave.»
―The Gran threatens Kyle Katarn[src]

A Gran male operated out of the moon Nar Shaddaa in the period following the Battle of Endor, working as a bounty hunter and a bodyguard. At some point, he had a run-in with Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn, in which the Gran received a blaster injury to the leg. In 5 ABY, the droid information broker 8t88 hired the Gran to serve as backup during a meeting with Katarn at the Rimmer's Rest cantina on Nar Shaddaa, where 8t88 was going to divulge information regarding the death of Katarn's father. However, the droid double-crossed Katarn and left the Gran and another hireling to kill him. Katarn disarmed both hirelings before they could shoot him, however, and quickly after killed the Gran when he attempted to retaliate.


Gran with a grudgeEdit

"I was a bodyguard looking for a smuggler a few years back. He was running weapons into the Imperial sector, until you dumped his operation into a blackhole and gave me a laser shot in the leg doing it…and my leg still hurts sometimes."
―The Gran, to Kyle Katarn[src]
A Gran holds up Kyle

The Gran turns his rifle on Kyle Katarn.

A Gran male worked as a bodyguard,[4] years before[3] the year 5 ABY.[1] At one point, he went in search of a weapons smuggler. During the search, the Gran encountered Kyle Katarn, an occasional agent for the Rebel Alliance, instead. After a shootout between the two, the Gran sustained a blaster injury to the leg, while Katarn took down the smuggling operation by himself.[4] The wound took three months to heal, during which time the Gran built up a grudge against Katarn.[5] By 5 ABY,[1] the Gran had switched over into the career of bounty hunting,[6] working out of the moon Nar Shaddaa.[2]

Later during that same year,[1] a droid information broker named 8t88, working for the Dark Jedi Jerec, obtained a datadisc on the moon Sulon from the home of Katarn's father, Morgan, whom Jerec had murdered previously. Unable to access the disc's contents due to its layered encryption, 8t88 journeyed to Nar Shaddaa to force Morgan's son to decipher the disc, under the guise of meeting with Katarn to divulge the details of his father's death. In case Katarn refused to comply, 8t88 attempted to hire the bounty hunter Boba Fett to serve as a bodyguard. However, Fett declined, which forced 8t88 to find cheaper backup, including the Gran and a number of other mercenaries and bounty hunters.[5]

Rematch with KatarnEdit

"Remember me? It took three months for that blaster burn to heal."
"Can't say that I do, but the streets are filled with trash—and it's hard to tell one piece from another."
―The Gran and Kyle Katarn[src]
Katarn meets 8t88

The Gran reinforces 8t88 at the Rimmer's Rest.

Arriving at Katarn's table at the Rimmer's Rest cantina, 8t88 informed Katarn of Jerec's responsibility for Morgan's death as well as the Dark Jedi's plans to create a new Empire. While late to the confrontation, the Gran[5] and a Grave Tusken[2] moved in around Katarn as 8t88 suddenly forced the topic of the stolen datadisc on him. However, Katarn denied 8t88's requests, prompting the droid to leave and order his hirelings to kill Katarn. Instead of immediately shooting Katarn, the Gran asked him if he remembered him from their past encounter. While the former Rebel agent did not recognize the Gran, the exchange granted Katarn enough time to throw the Tusken over his shoulder while unconsciously calling on the Force to retrieve his own blaster to point at the Gran.[5]

Both of the disarmed hirelings were in awe of Katarn's sudden trick as the latter explained his plan to follow 8t88[4] before mockingly adding that they should go out for lunch sometime.[5]

Rather than accept defeat, the Gran reclaimed his blaster and attempted to retaliate, but was in turn killed by Katarn and had his weapon claimed by the young man. After Katarn killed a second Gran in the bar, the bartender demanded that he leave.[7]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You two may not be as good as Boba Fett, but you've done well enough so far."
―8t88, to the Gran and Tusken hirelings[src]

The Gran carried a grudge against Kyle Katarn after sustaining a long-lasting blaster injury during a prior confrontation with him. The Gran was also cocky and somewhat eager during his subsequent confrontation with Katarn on Nar Shaddaa. He wished to know if Katarn remembered him from their previous engagement, though Katarn did not recognize the mercenary, claiming that the Gran was just a piece of street trash like numerous others with whom Katarn had dealt. However, the Gran became distracted by the exchange, which allowed Katarn to disarm him and slip away, leaving the hireling seething in anger.[5] At one point, 8t88 compared the Gran to Boba Fett, saying that while the Gran may not have been as skilled as Fett, he had been useful nonetheless. The Gran did not believe Katarn would be successful in his pursuit of 8t88.[4]

The Gran had beige-colored skin and purple eyes[2] that were noticeably bloodshot during his second confrontation with Katarn at the Smugger's Bar. He had a voice that sounded like a gravel crusher[5] and could speak both an alien language and Basic.[4]


"My… My blaster! I lost my blaster!"
―The Gran, disarmed by Kyle Katarn[src]

The Gran carried an E-11 blaster rifle as his primary weapon during his second confrontation with Kyle Katarn on Nar Shaddaa. He also wore dark-blue fatigues around his torso as well as black pants with brown boots.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Gran mercenary first appeared in the 1997 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Two actors are credited as playing bounty-hunter characters in the game's corresponding cutscene: Dan Bloom and Dylan Haggerty, who are listed as "Bounty Hunter 1" and "Bounty Hunter 2," respectively.[2]

The Gran's spoken line in that cutscene, which is translated via caption as "You will never leave here. Nar Shaddaa shall be your grave,"[2] is actually two reused "wake up" sound effects that other Gran characters emit when first sighting the player-character in the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces.[8] This sound effect is also repeated by other Gran characters in the Dark Forces II levels on Sulon.[2]

In addition to Dark Forces II, the Gran mercenary later appeared in the game's 1998 novella adaption Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, written by William C. Dietz and illustrated by Ezra Tucker,[5] as well as the Dark Forces Rebel Agent audio drama. In accordance with 8t88's dialogue in the game, the Gran was voiced by Tom Keith in the audio drama and is credited there as "Goon 1." These stories briefly expanded on the character's backstory with Kyle Katarn.[4]


"You'll never leave here alive. Nar Shaddaa will be your grave!"
―Some of the Gran's modified dialogue for the novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent[src]
DF Gran Merc

Kyle Katarn holds a DH-17 blaster pistol during the video game cutscene. In the novella, the blaster is changed to Katarn's Bryar pistol.

Between the video game and the novella, the confrontation in the Nar Shaddaa bar is somewhat different. While a Grave Tusken acts as 8t88's second hire in the game,[2] the novella changes the nameless thug to a Rodian.[5] The weapon that Kyle Katarn uses against the Gran also differs—Katarn grabs a DH-17 blaster pistol from the Grave Tusken behind him in the game,[2] while in the novella Katarn uses the Force to grab his Bryar pistol, though the weapon is never identified by name.[5] The original artwork for the novella featured Katarn exclusively using a DH-17 as opposed to his trademark Bryar.[9] The order and wording of some of the dialogue in that scene also differ between the novella and the audio drama.[4][5]

The Gran speaks an alien language in the game,[2] while he speaks Basic in the audio drama and novella.[4][5] This article asserts that the Gran speaks both Basic and an alien language, in accordance with each of these sources.



Notes and referencesEdit

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