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"Level 1782. You may find shelter there. I had no part in this."
"Why are you doing this?"
"You are of Alderaan, yes?"
"I know what your people suffer."
―The Herglic and Anandra Milon[1]

A Herglic male criminal lived on the planet Coruscant during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Shortly after the destruction of the planet Alderaan in 0 BBY, the Herglic was working with a Pau'an drug dealer, and the pair met with the young Alderaanians Anandra Milon and Santigo Milon in a cantina on Level 1997 of Coruscant. The Pau'an and Anandra discussed her working as a delivery girl for the criminals, but the Pau'an refused to hire her brother as well. The Milons, in turn, refused the offer and fled when a pair of Imperials entered the cantina but were chased by a stormtrooper down to Level 1996. The Herglic followed the stormtrooper, killing him in order to rescue Anandra. He then suggested that the fugitives might find shelter on Level 1782.


The Herglic rescued Anandra Milon from the Empire.

A Herglic male resided on the planet Coruscant during the Galactic Empire's reign. Working as a criminal, he partnered with a Pau'an male drug dealer, with whom he set up operations in the planet's seedier sections. Shortly after the Empire's destruction of the planet Alderaan[1] in 0 BBY,[2] the Herglic and the Pau'an met with the Alderaanian fugitives Anandra Milon and Santigo Milon in a cantina on Level 1997. The Pau'an and Anandra discussed the possibility of the Alderaanians working for the criminals, but the Pau'an considered the eight-year-old Santigo too young to be useful and was only willing to take on Anandra. The girl attempted to persuade the Pau'an to take them both, but the meeting was interrupted by the arrival of a stormtrooper and a Coruscant underworld police officer in the cantina.[1]

Upon seeing the Imperials, the Milons fled the cantina, prompting the stormtrooper to give chase. The Herglic then followed the trooper at a distance down to Level 1996. There, he found the stormtrooper on a catwalk, standing over a defeated Anandra, who had fought the trooper to buy time for Santigo to escape. The Herglic lifted the trooper into the air and threw him from the catwalk, sending him plummeting through Level 1995 to his death. The Herglic then told Anandra that she might find shelter on Level 1782, where a group of fugitives had set up a camp amongst the level's junk yards. When Anandra questioned why he had helped her, the Herglic simply stated that he knew what her people of Alderaan had suffered. Later, after successfully locating the fugitive camp and taking refuge there with Santigo, Anandra spotted another Herglic, whom she initially mistook for the criminal before realizing the second Herglic's skin color differed.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The Herglic was huge in size, with enormous muscles, a mouth wider than Anandra Milon's entire shoulders, and a body large enough that he barely fit on the catwalk where he saved the Alderaanian. With black skin and eyes resembling oily quagmires, the Herglic was considered monstrous in appearance by Anandra, who did not recognize his species.[1]

When he and his partner met with the Milons, the Herglic stood behind the seated Pau'an and allowed him to do all the talking. He sympathized with the children, however, as his people had faced similar persecution to that which the Alderaanians were experiencing and so chose to aid them in escaping the Empire. After killing the stormtrooper attacking Anandra, he told her to act as though he had had no part in the event and explained his sympathy for her plight. He spoke in a breathier and higher-pitched voice than Anandra expected.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Herglic appeared in "One Thousand Levels Down," a short story written by Alexander Freed and published in Star Wars Insider 151[1] on July 22, 2014.[3]


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