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"Please let me go! I'm innocent. I didn't know cheating was a capital offense. I'll never do it again!"
―The prisoner pleading to Hovrak[2]

A Human male prisoner had been convicted of cheating at Sabacc on the planet of Concord Dawn. Unknown to the Sabacc player, cheating was a capital offense on Concord Dawn. A Devaronian magistrate, in league with the anti-human terrorist group known as the Diversity Alliance, sent the prisoner to the group's headquarters on the planet Ryloth for execution[2] in 24 ABY.[1] He was eaten by the Shistavanen Hovrak.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The prisoner's only appearance was as a minor character in Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta's 1997 young reader novel Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance.[2]


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