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"So we're not talking about a nice senator, I see."
"Observation: Senators are not nice, master. They are either on top of the game or yesterday's news. My master told me that frequently, you see."
―HK-47 and Revan, regarding the senator[src]

A senator was a Human male who served in the Galactic Republic's Senate on the planet Coruscant during the Jedi Civil War. He came into possession of the assassin droid HK-47, and used the droid to eliminate his political adversaries. The senator eventually ordered HK-47 to assassinate his wife, who was having an affair. However, he regretted his decision, and when HK-47 attempted to kill his wife, the senator shielded his wife from the droid's attack, which resulted in his death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The senator received HK-47 from a rival Hutt of Bochaba from Sleheyron who bribed the senator regularly. Both the Hutt and the senator were ignorant of the assassination functions and the senator assumed HK to be a mere protocol droid, until one of his assistants discovered the droid's assassination functions through questioning and told the senator to destroy him to avoid a scandal. The senator instead ordered HK to kill the assistant. The droid remained with his master and helped him eliminate his political enemies. The senator was on the way to being elected as the Supreme Chancellor, but things did not go as as planned.[1]

The next target the senator ordered HK-47 to kill was his own wife, who, as he discovered, was cheating on him. As HK approached the wife and her lover to terminate them both, his master suddenly regretted his order and dove between HK and his intended victims as the droid made his attack. Having accidentally terminated his master, the droid had no choice but to shut down. The senator's wife later sold him to a low-ranking commercial officer of Systech Corporation. HK-47 comments that he probably did not protect his wife out of a sense of conscience, but fear that her murder could be easily traced back to him.[1]

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