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Bane: "Now, let's you and me talk for a minute."
Enforcer: "What about?"
Bane: "Mostly about how you faked all...All this"
Cad Bane and the enforcer[src]

A male Human Hutt enforcer was hired by a Hutt rival of the Skar'kla Consortium shortly before the Clone Wars. The Hutt wished for him to harass the rival criminal organization and kill it's leader, the Bothan crime lord Akris Ur'etu. The enforcer was order to disguise himself as a Jedi during the operation to divert suspicion from the Hutt rival. To do so the enforcer used a large amount of equipment which allowed him to perform a number of tricks designed to make it look like he could use The Force.

The enforcer successfully tracked down Akris and killed him before being beaten in combat by the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane, whom the Bothan had hired to kill the enforcer. Bane however had seen through the enforcer's disguise and instead of killing him made a deal, offering the enforcer the chance to survive if he allowed Bane to turn in the bounty and taught him how to build the equipment used to impersonate a Jedi.[1]


"I don't recommend it, son. Not even a Jedi's fast enough - and we both know you're no Jedi"
Cad Bane warning the enforcer[src]

A male Human enforcer was hired by a Hutt rival of the criminal organization known as the Skar'kla Consortium shortly before the Clone Wars. The Hutt had been attempting to take over portions of the Ska'kla's territory and needed the enforcer to harass their operations before killing their leader, a young and wealthy Bothan crime lord called Akris Ur'etu. The Hutt however did not want to be accused of organizing the murder and so ordered that the enforcer disguise himself as a Jedi to divert suspicion onto the Jedi Order. To impersonate a Jedi the enforcer used a large amount of equipment to copy various Jedi techniques.

The enforcer successfully disrupted Skar'kla operations until Akris, who fully believed the man was a Jedi, became troubled by him enough to hire a Duros Bounty hunter named Cad Bane to kill the imposter. Despite the extra protection the enforcer tracked the Bothan down to one of Skar'kla's bases and attacked him. The crime lord and several thugs managed to escape and move inside the base, sealing the blast doors and triggering a sensor field set up by Bane as they did so. The enforcer however used hist stolen blue lightsaber to cut open the Durasteel door and killed several thugs inside with a Thermal detonator. He then used small jet's concealed within his boots to leap through the smoke created by the explosive, appearing to Force Jump. Once inside the building he killed the remaining thugs with the lightsaber, however while he did so Akris escaped down a hidden passage to the base's security center.

The enforcer pursued Akris down the hidden passage and was confronted by Akris and his Weequay security chief once he reached the security center. Using a mono-filament cable and a magnetic grappler he then pulled the Bothan's weapon, a hold-out blaster, from his hand, again appearing to use the force. Using the pistol, he shot and killed the Weequay, who had been advancing on him with a force pike. Unarmed, Akris began begging for his life, but the enforcer cut him off, releasing a poisonous gas from an emitter on his wrist which caused the Bothan to choke, as though he was being force choked.

As Akris choked Bane entered the room but, much to both the enforcer and the crime lords surprised, told the Jedi impersonator to finish his job. Once Akris was dead the bounty hunter revealed that he knew the Jedi was an imposter. The enforcer attempted to attack Bane with his lightsaber but the Duros destroyed the weapon with his blaster pistol. Using his jet boots the enforcer then attempted to retrieve the Weequay's pike but Bane shot at him again this time destroying one of the boots and sending the man flying off course. In a final attempt to defeat the bounty hunter the enforcer used the mono-filament fibre to try and take his pistol, however Bane simply pulled hard on his pistol and pulled the fake jedi to him across the floor. The Duros then asked him which Hutt he worked for then offered to let the man live if he taught him how to make each piece of equipment and allowed him to claim Akris's bounty. The hunter had little choice and so agreed.[1]

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"What did-? I never said...How-?"
―The enforcer after Bane asked which Hutt he worked for[src]

The Hutt enforcer was shocked that Bane had managed to work out how he impersonated a Jedi and that he was working for the Hutts and fought him until completely disarmed in an attempt to defeat the Duros instead of surrendering.[1]

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The Hutt enforcer first appeared in the short story Reputation written by Ari Marmell and illustrated by Thomas Hodges which was published in Star Wars Insider 136 in 2012.



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