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"Hutts aren't exactly known for transporting grain!"
―Keeve Trennis expresses her surprise via comlink[src]

A Hutt trader of the Hutt Clans dealt in the vratixia renanicus barley near the galaxy's Periphery.[2] Around 232 BBY,[1] the Hutt bought a shipment of vratixia renanicus from Sedri Minor, an isolated agriworld of the Periphery, and traveled with the shipment aboard a transport through the Kazlin system. While the system had recently joined the Galactic Republic, which sanctioned the Hutt Clan from trading openly in Republic space, the Hutt trader's starship was raided by Nihil pirates.[2]

The Nihil killed the freighter's inhabitants, including the Hutt, who suffered from several stab wounds, blaster burns, and nagnol poisoning. The Jedi Order's Jedi Master Sskeer and the Jedi Knights Terec and Ceret and Keeve Trennis later investigated the ship. Trennis and Ceret came across the Hutt's corpse first, finding the trader's corpse upon a metal podium, surrounded by the bodies of multiple guards who fell in combat. While the Jedi then trailed the shipment of barley to the Sedri system,[2] Master Avar Kriss ordered Galactic Republic personnel to take the Hutt's corpse to Starlight Beacon.[3]

At the Beacon, Estala Maru oversaw an autopsy of the decomposing Hutt, which was conducted by the Jedi Vernestra Rwoh and Imri Cantaros and the astromech droid KC-78. Maru told the Jedi Council on Coruscant that Avar Kriss requested an autopsy, which greatly perturbed Grand Master Lahru.[3]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Hutt trader first appeared, albeit as a corpse, in The High Republic 2, a comic written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, and Annalisa Leoni, and published in 2021.[2]

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