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This Unidentified Imperial-class Star Destroyer was part of Moff Kentor Sarne's fleet. It was fitted with an experimental weapon, a devastator torpedo launcher. In 8 ABY, the vessel participated in the Battle of Danoor. During the engagement, the Star Destroyer launched one of its torpedoes towards the planet Danoor, obliterating everything within a ten-kilometer radius of the blast zone.

The Star Destroyer was destroyed during the battle when X-wings from the New Republic corvette FarStar successfully launched proton torpedoes into the devastator torpedo launcher's aperture as the vessel partially lowered its shields to launch the weapon. The resulting explosion caused a chain reaction that tore the vessel apart.

Behind the scenesEdit

Another scenario for the destruction of the vessel is available to players of the RPG scenario it is featured in. If the players are unable to launch the torpedoes correctly to destroy the ship, then the Gamesmaster can have the Aing-Tii Sanhedrim ship that is present at the battle ram the ship. The resulting explosion destroys both vessels.



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