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"Nobody move! This is a contraband sweep."
―The security officer[1]

A human male officer served with the Imperial Security Bureau, an intelligence agency of the Galactic Empire. Early in the Iron Blockade, he conducted a contraband sweep on Burnin Konn, searching for an illegal shipment of synthetic kyber crystals. However, the young scoundrel responsible for the smuggling operation shot the Imperial officer in the back with a rat-stunner, rendering him unconscious for a time.


"You think someone is carrying around explosive kyber crystals? In their pockets? How idiotic do you think we are?"
"Desperation bolsters stupidity."
―The young scoundrel and the security officer[1]

The security officer conducting a contraband sweep on Burnin Konn

A human male served as an officer with the Imperial Security Bureau[1] (or ISB for short), an intelligence and security organization within the Galactic Empire.[2] At some point after the Battle of Endor, during which the Empire lost both its supreme ruler, Emperor Sheev Palpatine, and its second Death Star battle station, Governor Ubrik Adelhard locked down the entire Anoat sector, establishing the Iron Blockade. Early in the blockade, the ISB officer was tasked with conducting a contraband sweep at the Longstar Marketplace on Burnin Konn. There had been reports that someone was attempting to smuggle synthetic kyber crystals, which were both highly explosive and illegal. Before the shop of Shortpaw, a Chadra-Fan junk dealer who secretly led the Trade Spine League, the ISB officer started questioning a young scoundrel whom he thought looked suspicious. When the Imperial turned his back to interrogate other passers-by and merchants, he was shot by the scoundrel, who was indeed guilty of smuggling the crystals. Nevertheless, the smuggler's weapon was just a modified rat-stunner, and the security officer merely fell unconscious. In accordance with instructions the officer had given to a sergeant five minutes earlier, an Imperial "cleanup team" ended up arriving on the marketplace, and they went after the scoundrel.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You! Get over with this… thing."
―The security officer, to the scoundrel[1]

The security officer was a fair-skinned man who sported short black hair. He showed disdain toward non-humans, calling the Chadra-Fan Shortpaw a "thing."[1]


The officer wore the service uniform of the Imperial officers, made of a gray double-breasted tunic, matching trousers, regulation black boots, a belt and a command cap. He also had a black diagonal strap running across the chest. His rank insignia plaque bore three red tiles over three blue.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Imperial Security Officer appeared in the 2015 iOS video game Star Wars: Uprising. Despite being the first enemy and the first talking non-player character of the game, he was not given a proper name, unlike certain non-speaking Imperial bosses like Bisk or Mindak.[1]


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