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"Oh, no! An assassin droid!"
Holocam E to the Rebel droid builder upon being ambushed by an assassin droid[src]

An assassin droid model was created by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Their purpose was to crush the Rebellion and terrorize the galaxy.


"Ha ha ha ha ha! So, you're one of those meddling droids that's been looking for the assassin droid factory? Well, I lured you here by sabotaging the laser powered fusion generator. And now you're trapped!"
―One of the assassin droids attacking a Rebel droid[src]

An assassin droid wielding his blaster against another droid

When the Empire decided that their line of assassin droids were too intelligent, a stronger but less-intelligent model was produced. The original models were reduced to labor droids, made to perform routine maintenance and cleaning tasks. One of these original units contacted a Jawa spy, Tikkii, and escaped from the factory he had been assigned to, smuggling out an Information Crystal that had vital information about the facility. However, he was caught, and shipped to a salvage yard for scrap. Another Jawa, Maliiki, reassembled the old droid, but was injured when a newer-model assassin droid attacked him. A Rebel disguised as a Jawa built a droid to save the Jawa, and activated the rebuilt assassin droid.

Then, the Rebel built a droid to sneak into the assassin-droid factory and reprogram the droids. The software on the data disk reprogrammed all of the assassin droids to become dancing droids.

Behind the scenesEdit

The assassin droid used a non-lethal arm-mounted high-powered electronic shock emitter to incapacitate its enemies with a blinding flash of light, rather than a standard blaster. In gameplay, a typical Assassin Droid shouts different phrases at the player: "Prepare to be disintegrated!", "Say goodbye to your circuits!", "There's nothing like a warm blaster to brighten your day!", "I'll turn you into Hydrospanners!", "(Chuckles) Nothing pleases my programming like more victims!"


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