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An Imperial captain served aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor, flagship of the Dark Lord Darth Vader, during the Imperial occupation of Bespin in 3 ABY. Serving under Admiral Firmus Piett, the Captain was present aboard the Executor's bridge during the Super Star Destroyer's fruitless pursuit of the Rebel starship Millennium Falcon as it fled from the Imperial forces on Bespin. The Captain and Piett watched Vader with cold fear following the Millennium Falcon's escape into hyperspace, expecting to be punished for their failure to capture the Rebel vessel, but the Dark Lord merely stalked off the bridge in defeated silence.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Empire Strikes Back novelization refers to this character as "Admiral Piett and his captain" in the novel's corresponding scene to the film. In the film, this scene also shows a subordinate standing behind Piett on the bridge whose uniform is adorned with rank insignia denoting a captain.



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