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This Imperial captain was a Human male serving at the Imperial installation known as the Krake Data Vault on Krake's Planet. The captain was allowed to eat in the vault's kitchen by Farlie the cook to avoid the crowd in the mess hall at payday. He then found himself being held at gunpoint by Luke Skywalker who suggested he had poisoned the captain with Silicartha in his soup. In exchange for the antidote, the panicking officer helped Skywalker access data files on Shira Brie. After the database was accessed, Chewbacca knocked out the captain, and Skywalker revealed he had only put soap flakes in the soup.

Later, while escaping the data vault and its energy shield, Skywalker used the deflector shields of the Millennium Falcon to cause a massive explosion of the vault power generators, destroying the vault and killing those inside.


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