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"You've failed me for the last time, commander. I will be better off without your services."
―Darth Vader[src]

A Human male officer served as a commander in the Imperial Army. He participated in the search for a rogue Imperial Moff Kalast, who had been feeding the Rebel Alliance with secret information concerning the newest Imperial superweapon, the Death Star. The commander was in charge of the Imperial forces during the attempt to uncover the traitor at the assault on Thyferra. However, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader soon arrived and assumed command of the commander's forces. Although the battle was won, Vader executed the commander for his incompetence in making sure that the Rebels were not alerted to the Empire's presence on the planet, which resulted in Vader's failure to find the traitor.


"My Lord. We've located a small Rebel outpost using the nearby abandoned communications tower to receive Imperial transmissions."
"Have the Rebels detected our presence?"
"No, my Lord. We jammed their communications and sensors before we landed."
―The commander reports to Darth Vader[src]

A male individual held the rank of the commander in the Imperial Army.[2] At some point between 2 BBY and 0 BBY,[1] it was discovered that a traitor was feeding the Rebel Alliance secret data concerning the latest Imperial project, the Death Star. It was soon revealed that a clue to the identity of that traitor could be obtained from a Rebel base located on the planet Thyferra. The commander was sent there to investigate. Before landing, the commander's forces jammed the Rebels' communications in order to take the enemy by surprise. After landing on the planet, the commander discovered that the Rebels were using an abandoned communications array to receive Imperial transmissions.[2]

Meanwhile, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader was personally tasked by Emperor Palpatine himself with finding the traitor. The Dark Lord soon arrived on Thyferra in his personal shuttle. The commander reported to Vader on the mission's progress, and Darth Vader, taking the commander's forces, went on to destroy the Rebel base and find the rogue Imperial, while the commander remained at Vader's shuttle. During the battle, however, Vader discovered that the Rebels had somehow been alerted to the Empire's presence. Despite the fact that the battle was won, the Dark Lord failed to find out who the traitor was. Vader confronted the commander near the shuttle and accused him of incompetence. The commander tried to explain that the traitor may have somehow been responsible for the Rebels' state of alert. Before he could finish, Vader used the Force to choke him to death. The commander's failure, however, was only a minor setback for Vader. The Dark Lord soon discovered that the traitor was Moff Kalast and captured him.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Your incompetence is troubling. The rebels were clearly alerted to our presence."
"My lord, it is likely the traitor we are hunting may have [choke]…"
―Darth Vader and the commander, before the former kills the latter[src]

When confronted by Lord Vader with charges of incompetence, the commander, a light-skinned Human, tried to justify his failure by putting the blame on the traitor's interference.[2]


The commander wore a traditional Imperial officer's uniform, complete with a helmet and chestplate with a commander's insignia.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The commander was created for the Petroglyph video game Star Wars: Empire at War,[2] released on February 16, 2006.[3] Prior to the game's release, he was pictured in a screenshot from the game within its strategy guide, written by Michael Knight[4] and released on February 14 that year.[5]

The in-game model of Field Commander is used to represent this character. Additionally, he is subtitled as the Imperial officer in the game. Grant Albrecht, Rupert Degas, and Timothy Watson are credited as voicing "Imperial Officer 1," "Imperial Officer 2," and "Imperial Officer," respectively. Since there is no official indication as to which one of the officers is this one, it may have been either of the three. Although the events of the mission on Thyferra take place before the Battle of Yavin, the commander is depicted as wearing[2] the post-Battle of Yavin style commander's rank plate.[6]



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