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An Imperial commando engineer was part of a commando squad of the Sith Empire during the Galactic War on Hoth. He and his squad were tasked with the mission of capture and freeze in carbonite the Barsen'thor; the Imperials ambushed the Jedi and his allies at the Tromper Crags Geothermal Plant in the Highmount Ridge region but they were defeated and only the engineer survived. The Jedi interrogated the man that informed the Barsen'thor that the pirate captain Valon, that the jedi want to defeat, was not invulnerable at all. Him surviving certain death was due to a set of special regenerative armor that could bring back its wearer to life from near-death condition. According to the engineer, the Empire had found that armor inside the wreckage of one of the numerous starships that had crashed on Hoth, but Valon had stolen it from them. The Empire was trying to capture Valon and reclaim the armor. After discovering of the Barsen'thor's mission on Hoth and the fact that he had angered Valon by tempering with his plans, the Empire had sent the commando squad to capture the Jedi and lure out the pirate. The Jedi Master healed the wounded engineer and let him go.

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