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This Imperial diplomat was secretly in contact with the Rebel Alliance. At some point during the Galactic Civil War, the diplomat had Mari and another courier deliver an important message to the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. The message contained information on the identities of Imperial Security Bureau agents who had infiltrated the Alliance and already caused the deaths of several Rebel operatives. The ISB issued a bounty on the two couriers, hoping to capture the message and identify and publicly expose the diplomat. While the other courier was killed by Boba Fett, Mari succeeded in her mission with some help from a group of spacers, and the diplomat's identity remained secret.

Behind the scenesEdit

The diplomat remains unnamed, but is a very important plot device in Rebel Escape, as one of the initiating factors in the scenario. Moreover, he is described as "important" in the source material, suggesting that he also has IU significance. This article assumes canonicity of successful completion of the scenario, but it is of course possible that the players fail, leading to the exposure and execution of the diplomat.


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