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This first officer was a naval commander in the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. He was the second in command to Grand Admiral Miltin Takel in the Mandalore sector, helping to patrol the Grand Admiral's homeworld of Gargon. During the Battle of Endor, his commanding officer was called away to the Death Star II to witness the final defeat of the Rebel Alliance. Left in command, the first officer followed up reports on albino-skinned marauders that were being increasingly seen by citizens of the sector. During his search, the officer was joined by Grand Admiral Josef Grunger, who came to aid in the hunt. During their search, the first officer received word of the Empire's defeat at Endor and the Emperor's death. Grunger, who had also heard the news, decided that the time was right to make a bid for the throne, and he fired on the first officer's ship, disabling it. Grunger then took control of the sector and ousted Takel's forces from their former holdings.



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