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"Gerrard V is attempting to gain its independence, but the Imperial governor is looting the city. Rogue Squadron, you must protect Crix Madine's Y-wings while they disable the escaping ships."
General Carlist Rieekan's briefing to the Rebel squadrons[1]

An Imperial governor, who was male, ruled the world Gerrard V. More than six months after the Battle of Yavin, the governor plotted to smuggle the planet's riches away from the people of Gerrard V, many of whom were Rebel Alliance supporters.[2] He placed the the loot aboard luxury yachts. The Alliance sent its elite flight groups Rogue Squadron and Gold Squadron, which disabled the yachts and stopped the cowardly governor's plot.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The governor was first mentioned in the 1998 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron video game,[2] released December 1, 1998.[1] Although the 1994 magazine Star Wars Adventure Journal 3 identifies Dannal as the governor of Gerrard V during an earlier uprising,[3] the video game does not indicate that they are the same individual.[2]



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