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"Is the world more peaceful since the revolution?"
―"The Client"[src]

A remnant of the Galactic Empire was active during the rise of the New Republic. Both the mysterious individual known as "the Client" and Dr. Pershing were members of this faction, which was bolstered by Remnant Stormtroopers.

Around the year 9 ABY, the remnant came into contact with "the Mandalorian," a bounty hunter whom the Client hired to locate and retrieve "the Child."



"It is good to restore the natural order of things after a period of such disarray."
―"The Client"[src]
The Mandalorian Chapter 3

"The Client" was part of an Imperial remnant that operated in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

During the era of the New Republic, "the Client" presided over a remnant of the Galactic Empire after its collapse, which was based in a facility on Nevarro. This faction was supported by a group of mercenaries—former stormtroopers who served as guards for the Client as well as the Imperial scientist Doctor Pershing.[1]

The huntEdit

"This is not what we agreed upon."
"I'm simply being pragmatic."
―"The Client" and Doctor Pershing[src]

Around 9 ABY, the Client hired a Mandalorian bounty hunter sent by the Bounty Hunters' Guild leader Greef Karga to locate and acquire a highly valuable "asset" on Arvala-7. In return, the Client offered "the Mandalorian" a substantial reward in Beskar, an alloy that the Empire confiscated during the Great Purge. Aside from the age of the asset, which was approximately fifty years-old, the Client offered little else to help the Mandalorian. Nevertheless, he was confident that such a highly skilled and expensive warrior would complete the task.[1]

Conflict with the MandalorianEdit

"Such a large bounty, for such a small package."
―"The Client"[src]

After returning from Arvala-7, the Mandalorian fulfilled his commission by giving "the Child" to the Client. Once the Mandalorian was gone, the Client and Pershing argued about the infant, with the Client demanding he simply remove the material that they needed from the Child even if the procedure resulted in his death. Pershing refused, reminding the Client that they had orders to deliver him alive, after which the Client warned Pershing that his safety was no longer assured. Soon after, the Mandalorian returned to rescue the Child, resulting in a firefight with the facility's stormtroopers. Though outnumbered, the Mandalorian defeated the troopers and ultimately escaped from the facility with the Child.[2]

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