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A cantina was located in the Western Square of Iziz, the capital city of Onderon.

Dhagon Ghent and his friends often went to the Iziz Cantina prior to the Onderon Civil War. It had a swoop track running under the city. When Captain Sullio was shot after leaving the cantina, Ghent was wrongly accused of the crime and immediately arrested. When Meetra Surik and Mandalore Canderous Ordo, one of Ghent's friends, came to the cantina, they were able to prove Ghent's innocence with the help of a Beast Rider named Panar, a slicer named Kiph, and Nikko, one of Ghent's other friends.

While in the cantina, the Exile gave one of her starport visas to a Republic spy named Xaart, although two other patrons, Gormo and Sakarie, also asked for a visa. Later, a Beast Rider named Bakkel attacked the Exile when she asked for one of her holodiscs, to give to Ghent. Later, with the help of Ghent, the Exile arranged a meeting with Jedi Master Kavar, but during the meeting Colonel Tobin tried to capture them. Kavar force stunned Tobin's men and fled to the Iziz Royal Palace, while the Exile had to fight her way through the Western Square and the Merchant Quarter, before reaching the Iziz Starport, and the Exile fled back to Dxun.

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The Iziz Cantina first appeared in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Though the cantina is not given an actual name, it is nonetheless canonical.


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