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A Jawa elder was the chief of an Offworld Jawa tribe on Arvala-7, which was active shortly after the fall of the Galactic Empire.[1] Around 9 ABY,[2] the Jawa elder oversaw the tribe as it dismantled and stole pieces of the Razor Crest, a gunship used by a bounty hunter known as Din Djarin.[1]

When Djarin later demanded the parts back, the elder agreed to supply them if he stole a Mudhorn egg and gave it to the clan. Din Djarin agreed and secured the egg for the elder, who then cut it open and ate the contents along with the rest of the tribe.[1]

Like other Jawas,[3] the elder wore brown robes, but had red eyes[1] instead of the yellow eyes typical of Jawas from Tatooine.[3] When negotiating for the parts, he mocked Djarin's usage of Jawaese, comparing him to a Wookiee.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Jawa elder first appeared in Chapter 2 of Jon Favreau's 2019 Disney+ television series The Mandalorian, directed by Rick Famuyiwa,[1] which aired on November 15, 2019.[4] Identified in the episode's credits as "Jawa Elder," the character was played in costume by Stephen Jackson Powers Jr.[1] and voiced by David Acord.[5]

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