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The unidentified Jedi was a Human male who was a member of the Jedi Order and wielded a green lightsaber. He participated in the Battle of Galidraan in 44 BBY and was successful in killing Myles during the battle. He was killed by Jango Fett soon after.


The unidentified Jedi was part of the Jedi strike force sent to stop the Mandalorian army led by Jango Fett on Galidraan. Jedi Master Dooku and the Jedi were able to ambush the Mandalorians, who switched to using slugthrowers as the battle commenced. During the confrontation, a Mandalorian known as Myles attempted to give Fett air support, but the unidentified Jedi used Force Jump to reach Myles and cut him in half. An angered Jango Fett killed five Jedi with his bare hands in retaliation. The unknown Jedi continued fighting until near the end of the battle, when he was personally confronted by Fett himself. Fett attacked the Jedi, and after a brief fight, the Mandalorian killed him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The unidentified Jedi was adept at using Force Jump, and was able to jump high enough to reach Myles, who had been in flight. He was proficient in sai tok lightsaber combat, and was able to survive the violent battle until his showdown with Fett.


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