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This Jedi Council member was present at the ceremony honoring Revan and his companions after their successful destruction of the Star Forge.

Behind the scenesEdit

While this character is unnamed within the Knights of the Old Republic story, her character's model is titled "Jedi_Council_Member_Female" and remains constant throughout all iterations of the final scene, whereas the two Jedi beside her in the background, also tagged "jedicoun", have randomized appearances.

Interestingly, the Council member's appearance is not entirely dissimilar to that of Nomi Sunrider, a known Council member in an earlier period, and mother to Vima Sunrider, a Jedi Knight who would be approaching fifty years of age in the game's time period. Neither Vima nor Nomi were allowed to be named in the game due to the Sunrider naming controversy. However, whether or not the game designers intended anything by the physical similarities in the static character is unknown.


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