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A Jedi Knight served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, serving as a General within the Grand Army of the Republic.


A Force-sensitive, this individual was discovered by the Jedi Order[2] sometime prior to 22 BBY[3] and was trained in the ways of the Force. The Initiate, who had earned distinction as a promising student, proved their comprehension of the Jedi Code, self-discipline via meditation and lightsaber combat, and their strong attunement to the flow of the Force, passing the Initiate Trials. The apprentice gained the attention of a Master and was selected as a Padawan student.[2]

At about this time the Confederacy of Independent Systems had united against the Republic, and the Jedi had no choice but to fight in the conflict, and like all apprentices the Padawan was given the rank of Jedi Commander.[4] In the War room of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Padawan convened with famed Jedi Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Plo Koon and Ahsoka Tano, along with clone marshal commander CC-2224 and astromech droid R2-D2. They welcomed the Padawan formally into the Jedi Order, and Windu[5] presented them their first lightsaber.[6]

Fighting in many early battles such as the campaign on Iceberg III, the conflict on Umbara, the battle for Ryloth, the skirmish on Carlac and the second battle of Geonosis, the Padawan was made a Jedi Knight by the Jedi High Council and given the rank of General.[1]

Early lifeEdit

This Jedi trained early on at the Jedi Temple, often visiting the Jedi Temple training room, to practice his skills. He participated in a lightsaber dueling class, taught by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and dueled opponents such as the Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee while they were still in their Jedi training. The Jedi also was taught how to use a blaster, develop and plan battle strategies, hack and slice into computers, and fly a Jedi Starfighter via simulation programs. The Jedi had advanced skills for their age, and therefore was accepted into a lightsaber throwing class taught by Luminara Unduli.

Clone WarsEdit

First Battle of GeonosisEdit

Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, along with Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, were being held hostage on the planet of Geonosis requiring a Jedi support group to rescue them. Approximately 212 Jedi voluntary composed of the rescue crew, including the Jedi Knight. The Jedi, not having enough hands-on experience with battles, went with Master Yoda, and Adi Gallia to go retrieve the clone-army. Once arriving on Kamino Adi Gallia went ahead in a smaller-scale cruiser, while Yoda and the Jedi prepared a larger-full scale army. Once the army and the fleet was assembled, they traveled to the planet of Geonosis. Yoda was in need on the surface leading the Jedi to command the fleet of warships, against the Confederate fleet; they were severely outgunned. The fleet attacked, until enough enemy ships had been destroyed for the fleet, to land on the ground and deploy troops. Since there was a need for more aerial units the Jedi was assigned to pilot a Republic Gunship in order to assist with the aerial foothold.

Battle of ChristophsisEdit

The Confederacy of Independent Systems, within a few months of the war, initiated several attacks on systems, out-lying on key hyperspace routes, one of these systems the crystalline planet of Christophsis. As attacks, raged on the Republic stepped in to defend the planet, deploying the Jedi along with them. As the planet was besieged, plans were made to establish a Republic Base of Operations. As the base was constructed, the Jedi and Clone Commander Clone Commander Cody, were assigned to set up defensive measures, for the base. The Jedi had engineers, develop a line of defense turrets, using this as an opportunity, to deploy several new turret designs. As the Republic Base was constructed General Whorm Loathsom led an attack on the base. This required the Jedi and Cody, to use their defensive parameters, that had been set up. The Jedi and his tureteers defended the uncompleted base from several heavy droids, such as the Homing Spider Droid. Destroying the strike-force that attempted to attack the base, the Republic continued constant construction of the base. After establishing a base of operations, the Republic continued the campaign along the planet, collecting many refugees, and sending them to their secret refugee camp. General Loathsom discovered the camp, forcing the Republic to take defensive measures again, this time deploying the schematics of the Ion Canon to be used against Droideka. Again after defending the refugee camp the Separatist army fell back. As the conflict raged on the Separatist foothold begun to spread thin throughout the battlefield. This gave the Republic an opportunity to set up an ambush that would greatly cut back the spread-out droid army. The Republic analyzed the strategy of the Confederacy, and planned to ambush them before they could reach their rendezvous point. Commander Cody and the Jedi were assigned to set up turrets at the path, to block the rendezvous point of the droid-army. The ambush involved offensive attacks by Occupa-tara Droids, and prompted the Attack Cruiser Dauntless to give support. This ambush was eventually successful and forced a large dent in the droid-army on Christophsis. After the ambush, the Jedi was no longer needed for the campaign on Christophsis and therefore was withdrawn.

Battle of RylothEdit

Being a Padawan at the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Jedi was bestowed the rank of commander, and was deployed to the planet Ryloth to help assist in the ongoing battle. After the death of the Jedi General leading the defense, to stall until the Republic arrived, Wat Tambor sent a squadron of Hyena Bombers to bomb a nearby village; Skywalker lead an offensive Y-wing bomber squadron (the Jedi participated) to counterattack. Following this counterattack, Tambor ordered additional attacks on the village, resulting in the Jedi's extensive use of lightsaber throwing and combat skills. After a Republic Outpost was established in the village, with the assistance of High Jedi General Master Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, and Master Kenobi, clone trooper captain Breaker initiated the Jedi to instruct a squadron of engineers, and tureeteers to set up defense parameters for the village. As part of the attack on the village, a Droid drop ship was deployed, near the village to direct an assault. With the assistance of Cham Syndulla, Captain Rex, several Arc Troopers, the Jedi pushed an assault, to engage in combat with the IG-100 MagnaGuards patrolling near the Ray-shield that protected the droid dropship. After defeating the Magna Guards, the Jedi was ordered to fall back to the Republic Outpost, and was re-assigned elsewhere in the galaxy. Breaker, with his squadron of LAAT Gunships escorted the Jedi in his red Delta-7 starfighter, back to a Venator attack cruiser, orbiting the planet. As the jump to hyperspace was initiated, a reinforcing Separatist fleet, laid down fire upon the ship; the Jedi was forced to strategically fight in the circumstances of them being outgunned. This resulted in a victory by the Jedi Knight.

Ambush over Ord MantellEdit

Sometime during the Clone Wars, the Republic established a artillery base on the planet of Ord Mantel, which throughout the war hosted several conflicts. A Republic Fleet, led by Admiral Yularen was dispatched to the planet, to receive a detachment of weapons, in which had been prepared. Disappointingly, a CIS fleet, had planned an Ambush on the Republic fleet upon arrival. Once arriving a fleet of Munificent-class destroyers, jumped out of hyperspace and laid fire onto the Republic fleet. Not-having any turrets or regular fighters prepared, the Republic fleet launched all of their alert fighters, in which the Jedi had been assigned to, in order to hold of and perhaps slightly damaged the CIS fleet, until the Republic fleet, could jump to hyperspace. The Jedi attacked enemy, turrets, as well as Vulture Droids, and Hyena Bombers, which attempted to bombard several Republic cruisers. Hastily the CIS, launched two droid-drop ships which were dispatched to land on the Republic command ship, in order to disable the fleet. Brief Clone defensive attacks were launched, until the alert fighters could fly overboard, and weaken the offensive. Once the navi-computers on each ship had successfully plotted a course to hyperspace, the alert fights, were recalled to their corresponding ships, so the jump could be initiated.

Bombardment of MustafarEdit

Planned by Skywalker, a squadron of Y-Wing Bombers, and several V-19 Torrent fighters, attempted to bombard a Techno Union mining facility on Mustafar. The Jedi served as a fighter escort, as well as the V-19 Torrents. Upon arriving at naked-eye aerial level, the CIS quickly overwhelmed the squadron of Y-Wings. Skywalker, sent the Jedi ahead to hold of the heavy defensive attacks, while the V-19 Torrents followed closely behind. The Jedi dealt with heat-resistant Vulture Droids, Hyena Bombers, Tri-Fighters, and several ground defense such as Occupatura Droids, Missile Launchers, and the classic B1s and B2s. Once the Y-Wings reached the facility, they initiated all of their torpedos onto the base, leaving it in flames, damaging several resources, and severely weakening the base.

Battle of ExcargaEdit

Neither the Jedi, nor Anakin Skywalker had participated in any of the ground conflicts taking place via Excarga, however they both volunteered as fleet aerial units. After the Republic had a success on Excarga the CIS fleet attempted to evacuate. Having deployed a heavy ammount of Droid-drop ships on the planet, the Jedi was assigned to target them in order to prevent future use of the droids being carried. The Jedi took out several drop-ships, until the CIS fleet jumped to hyperspace, forcing the Jedi to return to his ship.

Second Battle of GeonosisEdit

After Padmé Amidala's discovery of the secret droid foundries on Geonosis, the Republic took a large strike force in order to cease production of battle droids at the factory, capture Archduke Poggle the Lesser, and re-secure Republic territory on the planet. As the fleet plunged to the ground to land large amounts of troops, the Geonosians launched a defensive attack. The Jedi was deployed in a Y-Wing starfighter to escort Republic LAAT's that were landing the parties that would secure a rendezvous point to deploy the rest of strike-force. Commanded by Admiral Yuarlen and Captain Breaker the Jedi and a Y-Wing squadron defended the gunships, through an intense laser fight. After all the gunships had reached the astrosphere the Jedi was recalled to the ship, and the defensive Geonosian starfighters retreated (they were allowing the ground forces to shoot down the Republic Gunships). As the opening exchanges of the battle occurred Breaker, the Jedi, and a Gunship piloting crew were deployed by enemy lines in order to sever a Geonosian communications facility, which had heavy defenses. The gunship returned to the Republic-command vessel awaiting more orders from the Admiral. Yuarlen, collecting several reconnaissance reports next assigned the Jedi to lead a squadron of Y-Wings to support surrounded General Kenobi. With his next set of orders, the Jedi proceeded to several areas of resistance,where he used his lightsaber throwing skills to clear them out. The Jedi and Breaker then began to set up turrets to defend General Skywalker's squadrons. Poggle the Lesser sent several waves of droids, including Droideka, Homing Spider Droids, Mobile Shield Generators, and soon a Super Tank to defeat them. After several days, the droid armies were pushed back and the Jedi had won.

Battle on FeluciaEdit

The Jedi Knight would end up on Felucia, commissioned by the famous Boss. The hero would fight Yorn Nuro, C-21 Highsinger, and Scratch. As the battle grew on Armored Assault Tanks were deployed, but required some time to mobilize. RC-1138, bringing a pack of Proximity mines, told the Jedi to destroy the AATs, which the Jedi Knight did.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Trained at Coruscant from an earlier age, the Jedi was taught extensively in all seven lightsaber forms, eventually mastering and specializing the Ataru form. This form was mastered and harnessed by the Jedi so firm and efficiently, he was eventually challenged by Grand Master Yoda himself, outstandingly, defeating the master in the duel. The Jedi had an attuned understanding of the Force, at an early age;he was accepted into an advanced lightsaber throwing class, and had the talents to even properly mesh Lightsaber crystals for lightsaber production. The Jedi learned blaster techniques and firing sequences, via the blaster training simulation program. The Jedi was a skilled technician, being able to manufacture virtually anything out of scraps, and shards. As a technician the Jedi was an encryptionist, and could decrypt a multitude of advanced security systems, with an Astromech droid. The Jedi also knew various droid programming languages, and how to create command processes for droids, and how to clean, wipe, restore, and manage certain droid data. They also had holo-telecommunications management skills. The Jedi was an expert battle strategist, and knew a variety of techniques concerning turret formations. The Jedi had skills in flying Jedi Starfighters, immensely. The Jedi knew advanced torpedoing, missile, and bombardment techniques in which he had learned via simulation and from hands on experience. The Jedi could fly in complex formations, and could dodge rapid fire blasts bolts, as well as enemy missiles. During his off-time during battles or training, the Jedi would occasionally engage in swoop Speeder bike racing. The Jedi gained some skills doing this and often won in first place. The Jedi could dodge, make hasty turns and leap jumps. The Jedi was also a scoundrel; a card player. The Jedi played games such as Card Commander, in which he used often on missions concerning criminals. The Jedi even beat, Commander Cards in which was entitled the Champion of the game. The Jedi also knew Card Assault, another complex strategy card game. The Jedi possessed so much skill, won many trophies in simulation tournaments.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Jedi is the player's in-game avatar in the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures video game. The Jedi's canonical species and gender are unknown, but they were either; Togruta, Twi'lek, Pantoran, Trandoshan, Zabrak, or Human. The Jedi played a vital role in the Clone Wars, however the Jedi actually never appeared in the series the game was based on.



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