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A Force-sensitive female individual served as a scout for the Jedi Order. Around 22,800 BBY, the Jedi sensed a powerful resonance in the Force while wandering hyperlanes. Following the sensation, the scout traveled in a starship to the previously unknown Ilum system. There, the Jedi explored the planet Ilum, but the scout's findings failed to explain the presence in the Force possessed by that world, which was later discovered to be due to the planet's deposits of various crystals that could be used in the construction of Jedi lightsabers.


Around 22,800 BBY,[2] a female individual served the Jedi Order as a scout.[1] At one point around that year,[2] while using Force-assisted hyperspace navigation to wander along hyperlanes, the Jedi perceived a particularly powerful resonance in the Force that seemed like a siren call to the scout. The Jedi heeded the pull of the resonance[1] and traveled in a starship to the sensation's point of origin, which was located so deep in unexplored space as to render reaching it almost impossible.[2]

The Jedi scout discovered the planet Ilum.

Eventually, upon opening her eyes, the scout discovered the ship had arrived in the[2] previously unknown and uncharted[1] Ilum system, a part of the Unknown Regions. In the forward viewports of the vessel, the frozen planet Ilum lay visible to the scout.[2] Although the entire star system had a strong presence in the Force, Ilum particularly attracted the scout's senses, leading to the Jedi focusing attention on the planet. The scout made reports on the hostile conditions of Ilum's surface, but they did not explain the planet's strong presence in the Force, which was discovered by a subsequent survey team to be the planet's rich deposits of[1] kathracite,[2] mephite, and pontite crystals, which could be used in the construction of Jedi lightsaber weapons.[1]

The Jedi scout's discovery of Ilum later lay the foundation for a traditional Jedi journey to the planet. The journey was made via single uninterrupted hyperspace jump directly from Metellos in the Core Worlds and could only be accomplished by pilots with a strong connection to the Force.[2] Despite the importance of the discovery of Ilum to the Jedi Order, the name of the scout who found it was eventually lost to history.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

The Jedi scout was a skilled Force-user who could draw upon the Force to assist with hyperspace navigation.[1] The scout was also able to pilot a starship.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Jedi scout who discovered the planet Ilum was first mentioned in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, which was authored by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry. In the book, the scout is referred to using the masculine pronoun "his."[2] In contrast, the 2016 Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook Nexus of Power, published by Fantasy Flight Games, uses the feminine pronoun "she" when describing the Jedi. This article assumes information from the latter source takes precedence.[1]


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