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A Kel Dor Sith Lord once reigned as a Lord of the Sith. At some point, the Sith Lord engaged a group of troopers in combat. The Kel Dor had orange skin and wore black robes in conjunction with armor that protected the Sith's chest.[1] Because Kel Dor were unable to breathe oxygen,[2] the Sith was forced to wear a set of protective goggles and an antiox breath mask. The Kel Dor was Force-sensitive, and was powerful enough to ascend to the rank of Sith Lord. The Kel Dor was additionally capable of using the Force to channel blaster fire energy and turn it against enemy forces, using Force lightning against the troopers.[1]

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The Kel Dor Sith Lord appeared in an image created for the Jedi Academy Training Manual, a 2009 resource guide for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The image was used to demonstrate a Force technique called "Channel energy." The Sith Lord was additionally pictured in the montage on the introductory chapter page.[1]

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