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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==

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"It's working, Empress! We're taking back the fleet!"
―the Knight to Eternal Empress Vaylin[src]

During the revolt against the Eternal Empire of the planet Zakuul by the Alliance, a male Human served in the Knights of Zakuul.[2] In the year 3630 BBY[3], the AI SCORPIO seized control of both the Eternal Empire's automated Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone, the Alliance's flagship, having recognized both as being similar to her design. Using information pieced together from all three, she led the fleet and the Gravestone to the artificial habitat of Iokath, where they were initially constructed. Upon landing, Iokath's caretaker ARIES attacked Alliance and Eternal Empire members, and this Knight was among the few survivors. Hiding away with a few other Knights, the GEMINI droid captains of the Eternal Fleet warships, and officers of the Eternal Empire military, they were discovered by Eternal Empress Vaylin.


Knights of Zakuul

The Knights of Zakuul, in which this Knight served

This Knight served in the Knights of Zakuul,[2] an organization of force-sensitives that believed that the Force was only a tool to be used in the pursuit of justice, and served as warriors for the Emperor of the Eternal Empire of the planet Zakuul.[4] In the year 3630 BBY[3], Eternal Empress Vaylin of the Eternal Empire and the mysterious droid SCORPIO, planned an assault on the Gravestone, the flagship of the Alliance that was rebelling against the Eternal Empire. During the operation SCORPIO, betrayed Vaylin and took revealed her true intentions-to use information pieced together from herself, the files of the Eternal Empire's automated Eternal Fleet, and the computer core of the Gravestone to take all three to their point of origin. [5]

The point of origin was revealed to be an uninhabited artificial structure called Iokath that was constructed by the same species that had built SCORPIO, the Gravestone, and the Eternal Fleet. SCORPIO escaped to the surface in a starship, while the Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone docked on Iokath. Members of the Alliance and the forces of the Eternal Empire, including the Knight, were ejected from their ships and faced hostilities from ARIES, a droid who had become Iokath's self-appointed caretaker following the civil war that had resulted in the extinction of Iokath's creators. The Knight was among a group of Zakuulan Knights, Eternal Empire military officers, and GEMINI, droids that captained the Eternal Fleet warships, who took refuge from ARIES' forces in a room near the spire where the Eternal Fleet was docked.[2]


The Knight, to the left of Vaylin, kneels before his Empress

While there, the Knight knelt in the middle of the group and listened to an officer lament their situation, believing they would not survive. At that moment, Empress Vaylin arrived and took control of the group, though she was displeased to see that very few survived ARIES' attacks. A GEMINI droid expressed fear at the situation, and Vaylin destroyed it to motivate everyone else, taking the officer and another GEMINI to a console. After Vaylin destroyed a Purifier droid that attacked them, the GEMINI managed to reactivate the Eternal Fleet. The Knight, standing on a nearby balcony, witnessed this and reported to Vaylin, with some surprise, that the fleet was back online.[2]

Personality and traits

The Knight had fair skin, dark hair, and brown eyes, and was of the average size of a Knight of Zakuul. He expressed surprise when Vaylin's attempt to release the Eternal Fleet worked.


Notes and references

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