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"Identity confirmed. Han Solo. Small-time smuggler and galactic pirate."
"Known associate of Jabba the Hutt. Currently with a bounty on his head of 50,000 credits."
"Ah, I can explain that. It's a funny story really..."
―The LOM-series protocol droid and Han Solo[3]

Several weeks after the Battle of Yavin, this LOM-series protocol droid was present on the moon Cymoon 1, the location of Weapons Factory Alpha—the largest weapons factory in the galaxy, where an envoy from the Warlord of the Outer Rim Territories was to meet and hold negotiations with a negotiator from the Galactic Empire. The protocol droid, Overseer Aggadeen and a squad of Stormtroopers awaited the envoy atop a landing platform that led into the factory. Soon a shuttle arrived, and three humans along with an astromech droid emerged. The leader introduced himself as Han Solo, the official emissary to Jabba the Hutt. The droid was able to confirm Solo's identity as a small time smuggler and pirate in the employment of Jabba. The LOM-series protocol droid also discovered that Solo had a 50,000 credit bounty on him—to which Solo tried to explain but was cut off by Aggadeen who led Solo and his bodyguards into the factory.[3]


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