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"A single Trade Federation battleship. Looks to be a carrier. Not very well armed."
"One ship? That seems suspect."
―Admiral Dron and Jedi General Keelyvine Reus[1]

During the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems fought a small battle in orbit above the planet Ukio. The Confederate naval warship contingent consisted of a single Lucrehulk-class battleship, which was destroyed.

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Behind the scenes[]

In at least two panels of The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct, the ship is depicted with the communications array that indicates it would be a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship. However, the array is absent from other panels, indicating that it is a battleship, and thus leaving the ship's exact class indeterminable. Because dialogue within the comic describes it as a battleship, it is assumed that the ship is a Lucrehulk-class battleship.


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