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During the Clone Wars, a Lutrillian was being held as a criminal in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, on Coruscant. He wore an orange prison jumpsuit, with the number 938 emblazoned on the back. As part of a top secret plan, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi entered the prison disguised as Rako Hardeen, in effort to divulge secrets from Moralo Eval, a Separatist ally who was being held there. This Lutrillian and a fellow Karkarodon prisoner approached Kenobi, whose alias Hardeen had apparently killed Kenobi. The Karkarodon started to bully Kenobi, in an effort to see if he actually was strong enough to take out a Jedi. Kenobi stabbed the prisoner in the hand with his prong while the Lutrillian looked on. Both prisoners retreated to a safer distance, in fear of Kenobi. When a quarrel incited an escape at the prison, the Lutrillian, along with many others, attempted to escape the facility. However, he was stunned when extra Clone trooper reinforcements arrived.

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Although the Lutrillian's prison jumpsuit bears the numbers 938 on the back, scenes during "Deception" depict multiple prisoners on screen simultaneously with the same prisoner numbers. Therefore, the numbers are not unique to one specific individual.


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