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"His belief that evil was an illusion did not save him."

This Magister, a small, wiry male, was the son of Leor Hal and the second Magister of Zonama Sekot.

He was the one who decided to begin selling Sekotan ships to the galaxy at large. When Vergere came to Zonama Sekot, he initially refused to help her, out of memory for his father, who had been expelled from the Jedi Order over his beliefs in the Potentium. He was killed when his palace was destroyed when the Far Outsiders launched an attack on the planet. However, Sekot made a mental image of the Magister to serve as Magister, until Sekot felt ready to reveal itself. Everyone (including the Magister's family) thought that he was still alive, and they did not learn the truth until the Second Battle of Zonama Sekot. When Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker and one of the Magister's daughters, Jabitha, visited the ruins of the Magister's Palace, they found his withered corpse.

He had three sons and four daughters; one of the latter, Jabitha, succeeded him as Magister.


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