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The Maitrakh clan Khim'bar was the leader of Khabarakh's family in Clan Khim'bar during the Thrawn campaign. She was born during or before the Clone Wars and grew up after the devastation of Honoghr, but she was old enough at the time of the crash of the Gahenna to remember the smell of the kholm-grass prior to its replacement with an Imperial hybrid.

By 9 ABY she had become a maitrakh and was presented with Leia Organa Solo when her thirdson, Khabarakh, came back from his failed commando mission with Imperial Noghri Commando Team 22. Although she was at first hesitant to listen to the New Republic Councilor, the maitrakh did extend her thirdson's promise of protection to her, and eventually became an ally of the former Princess when she helped disillusion the Noghri people about their enslavement to the Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire. The Maitrakh had lost her son, grandson and almost her great-grandson to the Imperial cause which helped pursuade her to help Leia.


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