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"Captain! I'm picking up a convoy of ships!"
"Aye! That'll be the peace convoy to Armath led by Ambassador Zell! Prepare to attack!"
―A crewman and the pirate Reddjak prepare to ambush Zell's convoy[src]

A species of sentient, green-skinned humanoids made up at least part of the population of the planet Majoor, in the Expansion Region. Each member of the species had two three-fingered hands, a globular head, and thick lips. The species had access to galactic-standard technology by the time of the early Galactic Empire. Their architecture featured dome- and saucer-shaped, white-colored structures, some held aloft by narrow towers. Their government supported a fleet of spacegoing vessels, some of which were used to engage in diplomacy with neighboring peoples. To this end, the species also fielded ambassadors.

During one such mission, the Ambassador Zell led a convoy to the planet Armath to discuss peace. However, the ships were attacked by the pirate captain Reddjak, who had been freed from incarceration on Majoor by Zell's own son, Llez. Llez had a child's romantic view of piracy, but the boy soon saw his mistake when he realized that Reddjak intended to attack his father's peace mission. With the help of his droid caretakers, C-3PO and R2-D2, Llez saved his father's convoy and allowed Zell to lead a security team to Reddjak's ship to overpower and apprehend the fugitive pirate.

Biology and appearance[]

"Listen, you little toadstool… I decide who's innocent or not on this ship! And you're either with me or against me!"
―Reddjak to Llez[src]

Tears formed in the eyes of members of the species when they were sad.

At least some of the sentient inhabitants of the planet Majoor were members of a species of humanoids with light-green skin. Members of the species had four limbs: two legs, and two arms with three-fingered hands.[1] While the children were much shorter, the adults of the species could grow taller than 1.67 meters.[2] Some individuals developed a noticeable paunch, but other members of the species were more trim. The species had at least one sex, male.[1]

A defining characteristic of each of Majoor's green-skinned sentients was a round head almost perfectly spherical in shape. Only facial features broke up the head's smooth, curved surface. Two circular, black eyes peered from the center of the head from under black eyebrows; when opened wide, the eyes revealed white sclera as well. The eyes produced tears when a member of the species was saddened. Two thin nostrils slanted inward from a spot below the eyes; while some individuals had no appreciable nose, others had a small protrusion in the vicinity of the nostrils. Thick lips framed a wide mouth, which housed a set of white, buck teeth. A head of blue-black hair crowned the pate.[1]

Society and culture[]

"Well, Scarlet Pirate… What would your family think of your joining old Reddjak?"
"There's only my dad… and he doesn't care much about me! He's only interested in running off on peace missions!"
―Reddjak and Llez[src]

Consular ships from Majoor held full crew complements.

By circa 15 BBY,[3] members of the species had access to technology analogous to that used by spacefaring cultures in the rest of the galaxy. For instance, children could learn to pilot speeders, and adults fought with blaster pistols. The species had access to starship technology; one type of consular ship was wedge-shaped and colored gold; it featured a bridge large enough for several crewmembers and the captain, who sat in a round chair with controls in the armrests. Such ships were equipped for long-range communications. A small shuttle could fit aboard the consular ship; one type had gold-colored plating and triangular symbols on it.[1]

On Majoor, the species worked and lived in dome-shaped buildings that were white in color. Some of the structures supported a long, thin neck topped by a saucer-shaped tower. They kept prisoners in dome-shaped incarceration centers, where they were watched over by droid guards; such droids also ferried prisoners from one facility to another on droid guard ships. Less-high-technology tools used by members of the species included toy swords for children, and valises and backpacks to carry luggage. During the early years of the Galactic Empire, some children were avid followers of a program called Space Pirates of the Galaxy. At least some members of the species could speak Basic.[1]

During that timeframe, the garb of an ambassador from Majoor consisted of a purple jumpsuit with yellow trim, a light-blue sash, yellow epaulettes, a light-blue collar, medals pinned to the chest, and a light-blue helmet. The bridge crew of at least one consular vessel wore teal jumpsuits with helmets, sleeve trim, buttons, belts, and boots of orange; they also sported yellow epaulettes and headsets. A child, in contrast, might have worn an orange jumpsuit with yellow buttons, a purple belt, and light-blue gloves and boots with a red-and-yellow-striped bandana tied around the head.[1]

Members of the species valued family, at least nominally, with parents taking care of their children. Indeed, single-parent households were not unheard of. At least some children had their own rooms, where they kept toys and decorated with posters. A bunk bed was one possible sleeping arrangement for children. Nevertheless, some occupations demanded a great deal of time from adults; a diplomat, for instance, was often expected to spend long periods away from home, sometimes leaving their families behind, and other times bringing them along.[1]


"Firing all plasma torpedoes now, Captain!"
"Heh, heh…Just like shooting acid rats in a crater!"
―The two heads of Reddjak's Dyclops gunner during their attack on the peace convoy to Armath[src]

The peace mission to Armath comes under attack.

The region of space containing Majoor was integrated into the wider galaxy by 15,000 BBY.[4] By the early years of the Galactic Empire,[3] the inhabitants of Majoor had achieved spacefaring technology and made contact with other members of the galactic community.[1] Their world fell within the Expansion Region of the galaxy, and it had become a stop along the Hydian Way hyperroute by 3702 BBY During the Clone Wars, the planet fell within territory controlled by the Galactic Republic.[4]

By circa 15 BBY,[3] Majoor's relations with Armath,[1] another Expansion Region planet,[4] had soured. The governments of Majoor and Armath agreed to peace talks, and Majoor sent an Ambassador named Zell,[1] who had previously served as a Republic Space Ranger,[3] to lead the peace mission to Armath.[1]

Zell was quite wealthy, and he purchased two droids—the protocol unit C-3PO and the astromech R2-D2—to care for and tutor his son, Llez, whom he frequently left on Majoor while away on official business. During the droids' first day on the job, the boy learned that the pirate captain Reddjak had been arrested[1] and was slated for incarceration in the Majoor penitentiary. With a child's storybook notion of pirates,[3] born of a diet of holo series such as Space Pirates of the Galaxy, Llez stole a family landspeeder to rescue Reddjak. At the prison, the boy stunned the droid guards with a magno-neutralizer and freed the pirate. The fugitive and his rescuer escaped into orbit on the prison ship and boarded Reddjak's starship. C-3PO and R2-D2 came along as stowaways.[1]

In his zeal to win the approval of his idol, Llez revealed that he was the son of Ambassador Zell, and that his father was leading a peace convoy to Almath. Aboard the pirate vessel, Reddjak made the youngling feel like a member of his crew of non-Humans. Only when the pirates intercepted the peace convoy to Armath did Llez realize their true intentions, but Reddjak ignored Llez's pleas to spare his father and ordered C-3PO and R2-D2—whom he mistook for members of his ship's droid complement—to take Llez below deck.[1]

As the convoy from Majoor found themselves helpless in the face of the pirates' plasma torpedo attack, Llez, C-3PO, and R2-D2 overwhelmed the Dyclops pirate gunner, and the astromech detonated the missiles remotely before they could impact. Zell and one of his ships' captains led a security team to the pirate ship. There, Zell confronted Reddjak and defeated him, and the pirate was taken into custody. In the aftermath of the incident, Zell nearly sacked C-3PO and R2-D2 until Llez informed his father of how much the droids had aided him. The father also realized how he had neglected his son and vowed to take him along on diplomatic missions in the future.[1]

By 0 ABY, Majoor was part of the Majoor sector.[5] Circa 25 ABY, Majoor fell within a region of the galaxy whose average population was between 500 million and 1 billion sentient inhabitants per star system. By 137 ABY, it was within territory controlled by the Sith Lord Darth Krayt as part of his Galactic Empire.[4]

Majoor inhabitants in the galaxy[]

"Your father is away quite a bit, Sir?"
"When it comes to Dad, the words I know best are 'hello' and 'goodbye'!"
―C-3PO and Llez discuss Ambassador Zell's frequent trips offworld[src]

By the rise of the Galactic Empire, the people of Majoor had full spacefaring capabilities, which allowed members of the green-skinned species who inhabited that world to travel throughout the galaxy. Even before the Empire's rise, at least one member of the species left Majoor to serve in the elite Republic Space Rangers. Around 15 BBY,[3] the species' ambassadors were among those who regularly left their homeworld to engage with members of other societies.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The unnamed species inhabiting Majoor features in the third issue of the Star Wars: Droids comic book, which was published in August 1986 by Marvel Comics' Star Comics imprint. The species and their planet were created by writer Dave Manak. Their appearance was designed by the artists John Romita and George Roussos, who respectively penciled and colored the issue.[1] In an article published via the Star Wars Blog in 2013, authors Abel G. Peña and Rich Handley summarize the events of Droids 3, but they do not give the name of Llez and Zell's species.[3] Peña later revealed that he and Handley simply had assumed that the name was obviously Majooran.[6]



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