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"I don't know your name—but I take up your cause. I will not remove your mask until there is justice—until the Mandalorians have been defeated once and for all."

In the years after the Great Sith War, a female lived as a Mandalorian during the early skirmishes of the Mandalorian Wars. In 3973 BBY, she participated in the Mandalorians' devastation of the Outer Rim world Cathar. After the Mandalorians defeated the Cathar people, the woman tried to dissuade Cassus Fett, who led the attack, from committing genocide against the Cathar. However, Fett refused, and the Mandalorian female died along with the Cathar after Fett ordered their mass execution. Ten years later, the Jedi Knight Revan attempted to find evidence of the battle on Cathar. Revan found the Mandalorian female's helmet and donned it, promising not to remove it until he and his Jedi faction permanently defeated the Mandalorians.


Battle of Cathar[]

"Cassus—wait! They're defeated! We don't have to do this!"
"The Cathar left a stain of dishonor amongst the Mando'ade. Today, I wash it clean in the waters of their own presumption. But if you truly feel they need a defender to stand with them—then do so, warrior. I salute you."
―The Mandalorian female and Cassus Fett[src]

The Jedi Knight Revan dons the Mandalorian female's helmet on Cathar and vows to defeat the Mandalorians.

In the years following the Great Sith War, a female lived as a Mandalorian.[2] Three years after the Mandalorians began attacking worlds in the Outer Rim Territories,[1] the woman accompanied forces led by Mandalore the Ultimate's primary strategist Cassus Fett to the planet Cathar. During the attack, she helped the Mandalorians drive a large number of the Cathar species into the sea. After successfully defeating the Cathar, the woman, knowing that Fett intended to commit genocide against the species, pleaded with Fett to spare them. However, Fett was intent on gaining revenge on the Cathar for their role in defeating the Mandalorians during the Great Sith War and told the woman that she could defend the Cathar if she chose to. The Mandalorians launched missiles into the sea, killing the woman and obliterating the Cathar.[2]


"They were beaten! You didn't have to do it! One of you knew, but you didn't listen!"
―Revan, referring to the Mandalorian female's realization that the Cathar did not need to be killed[src]

In 3963 BBY, during the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders' invasion of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Knight Revan and his faction of Jedi, known as the Revanchists, were on Cathar searching for evidence of the Mandalorians' genocide of the Cathar people. Eventually, a team of Jedi led by Jedi Council member Vrook Lamar traveled to Cathar and ordered the Revanchists to abandon their efforts and disperse permanently. However, Revan noticed the Mandalorian woman's helmet underneath his feet and picked it up. When some light struck the helmet, all the Jedi present experienced a vision of the Mandalorians' devastation of the Cathar species, and also witnessed the woman's role in the battle and how she tried to defend the Cathar people. After the vision's end, Revan donned the woman's mask, vowing not to remove it until he and his Jedi successfully defeated the Mandalorians.[2] The Jedi Knight continued to wear the Mandalorian woman's helmet up to the end of the Mandalorian Wars.[1] Revan also wore her helmet during his reign as Dark Lord of the Sith, before his capture during the Jedi Civil War.[3]

The mask, previously thought to be destroyed during Revan's capture, had actually been kept by Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, who would later become his wife. After Revan had disappeared in the Unknown Regions, Shan gave the mask to exiled Jedi Meetra Surik, who followed Revan's trail to the resurgent Sith Empire. Surik returned the mask to Revan, which sparked the return of all of his memories, but it was later melted by the Sith Emperor's Force lightning in a duel.[4] Approximately three hundred years later, Revan repaired the Mandalorian's mask after he was freed, and wore it during the battle at the Foundry, where he vanished in a flash of light after being defeated by agents of the Sith Empire.[5]

Personality and traits[]

The Mandalorian woman used a blaster during combat and wore gray and red Mandalorian armor. During the attack on Cathar, she believed that the genocide of the Cathar species was unnecessary, feeling that their defeat was enough, and tried to convince Cassus Fett that this course of action was wrong.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mandalorian female was created by John Jackson Miller in the forty-second issue of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic series, entitled Masks. Her character was used to explain the origin of the Sith Lord Darth Revan's helmet, which was introduced in BioWare's 2003 Xbox and PC video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


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