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"But this bureaucrat knows his sector, Lord Vader. With his knowledge, we will subdue it."
―Emperor Palpatine, to Darth Vader[src]

A sector was located in the Mid Rim of the galaxy. During the early Imperial Era, the sector was under the control of Governor Ahr, who was tasked with subduing enemy forces within it. During an attack on insurgents on Namzor, Darth Vader disobeyed a direct order from Ahr, and Emperor Palpatine commanded that he follow Ahr's word. Ahr led several attacks on other worlds in the sector, leaving Vader in dangerous situations, but the Sith Lord managed to survive each attempt, returning to Ahr. In anger, Ahr commanded that Vader destroy a creature in the Kankalo Belt Containment Zone, but Vader allowed the creature to instead kill the governor.[1]

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