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" the Naboo."
―This Gungan and fellow one.[src]

This Gungan warrior was an Otolla Gungan who served in the Gungan Grand Army as a Militiagung during the Clone Wars around 21 BBY.


The Gungan was present near Lake Paonga on Naboo when Minister Rish Loo announced that boss Lyonie was dead and had told the Gungan Army that they should honor his last order which was to continue their attack against Naboo and march alongside the Droid Army on Theed. The Gungans, along with this soldier and another one, then started to cheer.

After seeing Jar Jar Binks disguised as Boss Lyonie, a fellow Gungan announced the others that Lyonie was still alive. Rish Loo, amazed to see the Gungan still standing, stood confused as Jar Jar exposed his plan and cancelled the attack. This Gungan and the rest of the army then started to go against Rish Loo as he drove away in his speeder and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker started chasing him while riding a Kaadu.

Meanwhile, as the Gungan army stayed behind, the droid army along with their leader, General Grievous, came to talk about the canceled attack on Theed. After a disguised Jar Jar talked with the general, this Gungan and the others disabled his droid army and when Grievous realized who Jar Jar actually was, this Gungan along with the others helped capture him.


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