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"And you must be Tyber Zann."
"A bounty hunter. How very appropriate. I would tell you to send Jabba my regards, but you won't get the chance."
"I'll tell him when I pick up my bounty."
"You'd be smart to leave with your skin intact before the prison riot I've planned kicks off, which should be any moment now."
"I'll be gone by then."
"You're right. Sooner than you thought."
―Mustafarian bounty hunter to Tyber Zann, just before the Bounty Hunter's death[src]

This bounty hunter was employed by Jabba Desilijic Tiure in an attempt to execute Tyber Zann just before his prison break. Urai Fen killed him, while he sneaked past the hunter undetected using a cloaking device.

Mustafarian bounty hunter and Tyber

The bounty hunter meets Tyber Zann.

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Behind the scenesEdit

It is not known whether the bounty hunter is Mustafarian or Mandalorian, for while he is speaking to Tyber, a gray Mustafarian model is used, whereas, once he is dead, a gray 'dead' model is used wearing armor that looks much more Mandalorian than Mustafarian. To cause greater confusion, in coding, he is identified as Mandalorian. However given that the Mandalorians accepted many species into their ranks, the bounty hunter may be simply a Mustafarian Mandalorian.


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