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A female farmer owned a farm on the planet Naboo and at one point experienced difficulties with an unexploded booma,[1] an energy weapon[2] that had been left over from a past battle. She sought help from a mercenary to disarm the weapon.[1]

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The mercenary was successful in disarming the booma and gained favor with the Galactic Empire as a result of their helping the farmer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The farmer was introduced in the 2019 Fantasy Flight Games board game Star Wars: Outer Rim as part of an encounter on Naboo. If the player character had positive Imperial reputation prior to the encounter, upon success in it they gain fame, indicating that the story of their deed has spread throughout the galaxy. If the player fails the encounter, they do not gain any reputation with the Empire and instead take damage, indicating that the booma has exploded.[1]


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