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"We surrender. Our village is yours. Take whatever you want"
―A Royal Naboo Security Guard to the invading forces[src]

A village was located on the planet Naboo near the city of Spinnaker. It was occupied by the Trade Federation, a galactic trading company during the Invasion of Naboo and used as a base.


The village was built near the city of Spinnaker, a major trading city known for its spaceports, on the planet Naboo. In 32 BBY the planet was invaded by the Trade Federation, an extremely wealthy galactic trading corporation. This resulted in the Trade Federation's Droid Army targeting Spinnaker in order to secure funds for the invasion. Prior to attacking the city the army, under the command of the droid OOM-9 took control of the small village. The security forces in the town attempted to hold out against the droids but were quickly forced to surrender. The town was used as a base for the Federation to attack Spinnaker and it's inhabitants were captured.

Behind the scenesEdit

The village makes it's only appearance in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds in the third level of the Trade Federation campaign. It has to be taken over by the player and is then used as a base for the rest of the level. When the player attacks the town they acquire it's units and building as soon as the village's gate is destroyed.



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