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"I understand your profit margins with the Separatists, however, I object to the kidnapping."
―The Neimoidian envoy, to Sib Canay on the kidnapping of Chi Eekway and Che Amanwe Papanoida[src]

A Neimoidian envoy was involved in the Trade Federation's blockade of Pantora, being stationed on board the Droid Control Ship orbiting the moon along with Sib Canay.

He and Canay greeted Senator of Pantora Riyo Chuchi and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano in the hangar upon their arrival. In the ambassador's office, the envoy confronted the captain on the kidnapping of Chairman Papanoida's daughters as well as them being kept aboard the ship, which caused the hidden Chuchi to gasp. Though he searched the chamber, Canay found nothing and left with his colleague.

The envoy went to the prison block with a squad Neimoidian soldiers to arrest Ahsoka Tano and Riyo Chuchi after they freed Chi Eekway Papanoida, daughter of Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly, Papanoida.[1]

Confronted on the Federation's conspiracy with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, he denied having any involvment in the abduction of the Chairman's daughter, mainly shifting the blame on Canay, as well as the act of war-profiteering. He finally agreed to free Eekway in order to prevent a possible scandal for the Trade Federation caused by captain and reluctantly agreed to speak with the higher-ups to end the Blockade of Pantora.[1]

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