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"Mandalore should not pay smugglers to feed its people."
"It's not that we have to deal with smugglers, we have no alternative! I'm sure you and the Trade Federation make a profit whether our business is legitimate or not."
"I resent that!"
―This minister, and the Minister of Interior[1]

This Mandalorian female was the Minister of Finance in the New Mandalorian government. Her duties fell to oversee financial matters of the government, and had a seat in the Mandalorian Government Council. Sometime during her tenure, the minister had ties to the Trade Federation, which she resented.[1]


This Mandalorian female was part of the New Mandalorian government and, by the time of the Clone Wars, achieved the position of Minister of Finance. At some point, she had dealings with the Trade Federation, something she would be criticized for and came to resent. During a wave of corruption on Mandalore, this Mandalorian and other ministers were present at a meeting of the Mandalorian Government Council on Sundari, concurrent with Senator Padmé Amidala's arrival. In the meeting, the ministers discussed the issue of trade routes closing and having to rely on the black market due to Mandalore's neutrality during the Clone Wars.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

This minister first appeared in "Corruption," albeit unnamed.[1] She was voiced by Anna Graves, who voices Satine Kryze.[2]



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